El Financiero: "I'm already obsessed with the Derbez thing"

El Financiero: «I’m already obsessed with the Derbez thing»

«I’m already having dinner with Chaparro and Derbez,» wrote the filmmaker behind the new movie. Pinocchio, Guillermo del Torocalling on social networks to pay more attention to rising voices mexican cinema beyond commercial production.

Recently, the Oscar-winning actress has actively positioned on social networks about the panorama of the film industry, first expressing her discomfort. canceled the scheduled premiere Pinocchio (his most recent film, which took 15 years to air), in some Mexican movie theaters.

Also, after Mexican Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMACC) announcing certain actions that should be considered as part of the current financial crisis; Suspend the 2023 Ariel Awards callGuillermo del Toro offered himself to cover the costs of the statuettes.

After that, del Toro wrote on his social network that he was fed up with commercial cinema: “For anyone ‘bottled’ about the academy or something: I’m already eating with Chaparro and Derbez and those empty words. see what you’re doing Tatiana Bone, Alejandra Márquez Abella, Lila Avilés, Fernanda Valadez, etc. So, to make the staff less noticeable,” the film director commented on his Twitter.

In the same Twitter thread, he explained that the disappearance of Ariel and film festivals puts the work of new film directors at risk.keep them alive and urgent”.

«If the cost of an identity is too high for them, they can’t even imagine the cost of not having it,» said del Toro. Not all Mexican cinema is the work of actors like you. Eugenio Derbez or Omar Chaparro.

“Bots only reproduce that empty protest: ‘All Mexican cinema Omer Caparro and Derbez’ etc. or they claim that all this is a political attack. But the road closed to new generations remains closed”.

Recently, during the 2022 Oscars, Eugenio Derbez and Guillermo del Toro were nominated as Mexicans: alley of lost souls (Nightmare Street) director from Guadalajara ‘Best Movie’ with CODAplayed by Eugenio Derbez, who took the statuette.

Contacted by AMACC President Guillermo del Toro

Considering Guillermo del Toro’s criticisms of the state of cinema in Mexico, Leticia HuijaraThe president of the Mexican Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Association (AMACC) approached the director.

The AMACC president announced that they were open at the request of the director. talking about being ready to pay for the next one’s figurines ariel awards as long as the next edition is in 2023.

“Me too, dear @RealGDT, I also engage in purposeful dialogue that helps find solutions. Let’s see what Ale Frausto will answer.”.

Alejandra FraustoThe Minister of Culture also engaged in dialogue between Huijara and del Toro regarding the upcoming Ariel awards.

“Dear @RealGDT, On behalf of @GobiernoMX the dialogue with @AcademiaCineMx will always be open. @cultura_mx fully eager for Arieles to continue. We repeat our invitation for the public to see. Pinocchio At @CinetecaMexico and on display there,» Frausto pointed in front of one of Guillermo del Toro’s tweets.

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