La inflación y otros efectos de la crisis golpean a pontencias mundiales.

More companies fall due to FTX effect and traders expect bullishness

Among the week’s highlights, the public continues to learn more about the repercussions of the FTX stock market crash. Companies like Grayscale and Genesis Capital are among the hardest hit.

In this content, Bitcoin price has been sideways at USD 15,500 and just above USD 16,500 in the last 7 days.. At the time of this writing, it is trading at 16,215 USD based on market prices in Latin America and Spain. CryptoNoticias price calculator.

These are the most outstanding news


  • Amid the negative consequences the FTX stock market crash brought to the bitcoin market, traders and analysts observe some patterns in the evolution of cryptocurrency price this could indicate a big bull run is coming. Nevertheless the loss experienced for both BTC and Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrency following the sale of hacked funds to FTX. Hackers are taking over the wrapped bitcoins and mixing the coins in mixers.
  • A Coinbase survey shows that most investors large-scale believes that bitcoin represents the future of money. Study data, despite crypto winter, lInstitutional investors have increased their percentage of investment in cryptocurrencies. Meanwhile, a report from firm Kaiko states that it may take years to determine the true winners and losers of the FTX crash, but centralized exchanges may gain the most. due to a number of market factors. However, among those affected Includes companies like Grayscale, the world’s largest bitcoin mutual fund; and Genesis Capital, which try to avoid bankruptcy relying on a restructuring consultant.
  • In the midst of the bankruptcy of FTX-linked companies, Cathie Wood’s Ark Investment Management, bought shares of one of these companies. On the other hand, Binance, as part of the commitment taken by several exchanges to show that their users have the backing of their funds, this week introduced the Proof of Reserve system. this is an explanation instructed users to check their balance using the Merkle tree.The exchange claims that: so they can check if their bitcoin is backed up.


  • Compilation of companies led by Sam Bankman-Fried (aka SBF) following the collapse of the FTX group have a cash reserve only meet 40% of your debt to your creditors, according to court documents. On top of that, the extinct platform’s lawyers said that most of the money was processed in the movements carried out by the SBF or stolen by hackers, therefore There is no money to give so many people. In this context, the Turkish government launched a judicial investigation against the former CEO of the exchange and FTX’s assets confiscated in that country
  • According to the calculations of American lawyers Sam Bankman-Fried could spend decades behind bars. I’m thinking different scales of law violations committed by employers. Despite this, and to the surprise of many, the SBF confirmed its presence at an event It will take place on November 30. The former CEO of the exchange is still active on his social networks and even posted a letter. give reasons which, according to him, caused the platform to crash.
  • This week Interpol performed a mega operation managed to seize millions of dollars in cryptocurrencies and cash from various cybercriminal groups around the world. This is as the Russian government continues to evaluate different options for the official management of cryptocurrencies. This week the plans were known To create a bitcoin exchange from the Russians.


  • last November 23 ether withdrawals enabled (ETH) corresponding to staking deposits, on an Ethereum testnet. However, there is concern among some shareholders because It is unknown when they will go on sale. giveaway officially in the main network. Meanwhile, this week with the latest version of Bitcoin Core, the software that implements the Bitcoin system. Added full RBFA method that allows you to increase the commission of a transaction.

If you want to know the meaning of a few words in crypto world terminology, you can consult them extensively. CryptoNews Dictionary. Next, a small preview with the word BTFD.

BTFD (Buy Damn Bottom): It can be translated as «buy at drop». This means that when there is a significant drop and most people decide to sell at a loss in a panic, it is time to buy to earn in the future.

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