The best Xiaomi headphones: good, beautiful and inexpensive

The best Xiaomi headphones: good, beautiful and inexpensive

We are increasingly turning to headphones. listening to music today, relaxing at home, going to the gym, exercising, walking, using public transport and being in a multitude of situations. They are necessary for many people, and perhaps for you too.

If you are thinking of replacing your headphones or buying a new one, I will make some recommendations for Xiaomi models that you will like as you will get great value for money and one of them will definitely be perfect for you. Do you want to meet them?

Redmi Buds 4 and Redmi Buds 4 Pro: the best option

Both are standout new headphones. design and features. The Redmi Buds 4 has a button design while the Redmi Buds 4 Pro sits on the ear.

Two models are an excellent choice, because the first models give you noise canceling and up to 30 hours of autonomyThe Pro has a different, lighter design and is quite durable. Secondly, the hybrid improves active noise cancellation, autonomy and offers high flexibility of use with quality sound and Hi-Res Audio Wireless certification.

You will be able to use it for hours without any problems and benefit from all its facilities. water and sweat resistant so you can even take them to play sports. While the Redmi Buds 4 Pro is pretty amazing, if your budget is more limited, you’ll enjoy the sound with the most basic ones.

Xiaomi Buds 3T Pro: with 360-degree sound effect

Design of Xiaomi Buds 3T Pro

they are headphones high quality sound and a very stylish design, They have silicone tips for the best grip. They have the feature of creating 360-degree sound effects so that you can enjoy the music to the fullest, and the battery is not bad at all, with 24 hours of autonomy and 6 hours of music playback with the charging cable. It supports wireless charging.

This Xiaomi Buds 3T Pro uses Bluetooth 5.2 connection to ensure a good connection with mobile phones, tablets and other devices. Note that they are compatible with the LHDC 4.0 audio codec and can generate a sound. 360 degree sound effectYou will hear the music as if you were at a concert. They cost a little more than their predecessors, but offer excellent quality.

Mi True Wireless Headphones 2 Pro: crystal clear calls

Mi True Wireless Headphones 2 Pro

These wireless headphones feature wide-frequency active noise canceling and give you clearer calls Your battery can last up to 30 hours And it has wireless charging. She stands out with her voice so much that you can even hear the singer’s breathing, it’s incredible how good the music is and how it takes the noise away from you. Hybrid active cancellation is 35 dB.

owner 3 microphones for calls, so you can even make them outside. compatible with transparency mode and it has many features that you will love.

Redmi Airdots 2: cheapest

Redmi Airdots 2

These are the cheapest headphones for those who don’t need more, and compete perfectly with headphones from other more expensive brands. They are perfect to take anywhere or if you tend to lose them. They are very comfortable and they fit you perfectly And the sound quality isn’t bad at all. They are very compatible, meaning they are valid for both phone and tablet or computer.

On a single charge, they have 4 hours of autonomy, but they can last longer with the charging case. for the price they have less than 10 eurosYou cannot ask for more.

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