Socceroos Garang Kuol, Jason Cummings and Danny Vukovic help the Central Coast Mariners make money

Socceroos Garang Kuol, Jason Cummings and Danny Vukovic help the Central Coast Mariners make money

A-League club presidents are yet to get carried away as they warn that FIFA has not officially approved the exact method for calculating the final amount, or from what day they will start counting. But whatever gets into Central Coast’s bank account will be gratefully received.

«Look, it’s going to be a good pile of money. For a small club with a small budget, that’s huge for us,» he said.

Richard Peil, president of the Central Coast Mariners.

“But I can tell you one thing – with three players on the roster, I will be very happy if they make it through the group stage. I will do backflips and somersaults and everything I can with a smashed body at 55.

Peil already figured out what to spend it on. The Mariners plan to completely renovate the gyms at the club’s center of excellence in Terrigal, including the addition of a dedicated rest and rehabilitation room, improvements to players’ social halls and playing surfaces, and drainage of training grounds. .

After watching Socceroos players get physically battered by France’s bulky superstars in their 4-1 opening loss, Peil echoed Arnold’s recent comments that Australian footballers need to be bigger, stronger and faster to compete at the highest level.

«We’re huge in athlete development – that’s my background, the gym industry,» he said.

«Ultimately, we would love to have a living building for players like all of Europe.»

Richard Peill

“I believe that Australian football players should be better athletes like they were 15-20 years ago. The people we brought to the club this year, [former Socceroos] Andy Bernal, Luke Wilkshire, they’re all big on athlete development.

“Evolving players are and will always be our focus, and we will continue to strengthen that over the next three seasons. My ultimate, my utopia, is to reproduce what was in AIS. If I fail to do that, I will have to downscale accordingly, but that is what we want to do.

“Ultimately, as in all of Europe, we would love to have living spaces for players and for children to live and breathe football 24/7. We have a lot of work to do to get there.

“We want to win trophies – don’t get me wrong, we do. But we want to win trophies as a result of training really good players. We will never deposit money on key players or pay what some clubs pay for players. This is not our topic.»

While some of the FIFA coin will have to be part of the Mariners’ shortage after losing a few new sponsors, the 18-year-old Kuol still has a six-figure sum for his sale to the English Premier League. The club is Newcastle United when the January transfer window opens. Put it all together and a club that was disastrous five years ago is now in a very healthy state.

Peil said he couldn’t reveal Kuol’s exact transfer fee for legal reasons, but said he could sell the teenager, who will stay with the Mariners until the traditional New Year’s Eve game, for at least an additional $1.4 million. The club agreed to a lower figure in exchange for better bonuses and sales fees, which would increase exponentially if Kuol’s career developed as many could imagine.

“We all believe in him that much. “We must have some luck,” Peil said.


“He has a good head on his shoulders, he should have luck with his body. He’s always got the right people around him, and I’m sure he will be in Newcastle. Garang has all the opportunities to rise to the highest level. He has to learn how to be a football player in 90 minutes, but boy, doesn’t he change the game when he comes into the game in those 30 minutes?»

Kuol and Cummings have already got a taste of the World Cup action, and Peil says the credit for bringing them both to the club should go to head coach Nick Montgomery and his assistant Sergio Raimundo. Peil was happy to claim some for himself when it comes to veteran goalkeeper Vukovic, who helped him make his second game with the Mariners this season.

As for Socceroos and the seven-figure cash injection from FIFA?

“Football is a crazy game – nothing is impossible,” Peil said.

«As much as people want to criticize Graham Arnold, I think he has made some bold calls to give Australia the best chance. I’m obviously biased because there are three sailors there but I think he did a good job.»

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