It's impossible to contain Josh's enthusiasm as a new era begins in Dragons

It’s impossible to contain Josh’s enthusiasm as a new era begins in Dragons

Dragons forward Josh Kerr believes he’s ready to turn around the «shameful» few years in Red V, which hasn’t made it to the finals for its fourth consecutive season.

With Zane Musgrove, Nick Lui Toso, and Jacob Liddle the only new additions to the Dragons 2023 roster to date, it’s hard to expect a major shake-up for Red V’s 1-17 squad, but the 26-year-old striker is in the south of Sydney where a cultural revolution is motivating a group of fit and fiery football players. he said he did.

«An important point we’ve made in the preseason is that we haven’t been where we want to be on or off the court for the last few years and that needs to change,» Kerr said. season training.

«I don’t think you really understand what’s going on until the end of the season, but what we did clearly didn’t work out.

«It’s embarrassing where we’ve been in the last few years and we just feel sorry for ourselves but this year we realized we had to change.»

After multiple changes to their coaching staff, Ben Woolf and Ryan Carr joined Griffin as assistant coaches for 2023, and Kerr said the new mentors bring a modern perspective and energy to preseason training.

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Acknowledging that the club has been affected by culture and roster issues in recent seasons, the Queensland product said Dragons young and old have bought what feels like a new era at the club.

“We have two great helpers right now, Carry and Wolfey, who bring a lot of energy, and the young guys coming in,” he said.

«We know Hook (Griffin) is a bit old-fashioned so he has a slightly different training style and regimen than what we’re used to, but everyone agrees.

«Everybody is running really well, all skills have skyrocketed and I feel like we’re miles ahead of where we’ve been for the past few years.»

With the off-court drama and controversy plaguing the club in recent seasons, the Indigenous All Stars representative said he worked hard to develop as a player on and off the field ahead of the 2023 season.

The forward, who was demoted to the reserve rank several times during the 2022 season, is focusing on improving his defense ahead of Dragon’s Round 2’s encounter with the Titans.

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«It’s been embarrassing where we’ve been over the last few years and I know I’m a part of it. I screwed things up as a man on and off the court, so I have to change that myself,» he said. «I think everybody took a good look in the mirror and they did it.»

«I work hard on my defense with the assistants, especially Wolfey. This is an area in my game that I’ve always struggled with and I feel like I’ve improved a lot with him personally.

«I’m a little bit heavier and a little stronger this year too, so I’m pretty excited for what’s going to happen.»

Young Redcliffe Dolphins said that if Red V ends their longest finals stint since 1999, Dragon’s team hierarchy needs to be overhauled and age gaps removed as well.

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“I think what makes me most happy is that most of the older men have embraced the new culture,” he said.

“Someone like (Aaron) Woodsy who has already done a lot in the game is back here by working his back and doing all the time trials.

“You might understand if he didn’t do that, but that’s not what we want culture to be.

“That’s what’s great – everybody just buys and there doesn’t seem to be a hierarchy anymore.

«Culturally, I feel like it’s the biggest change I’ve seen this year.»

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