Wallabies news | England and Wales rugby coaches in tension after sour Spring Tour

less than a year later Rugby World CupNo doubt the coach will have a few sweaty palms in his box.

Probably one of those who can sleep soundly dave rennieDespite her kangaroo losing three out of five starts your Tests.

All five competitions were close relationships, won or lost by a maximum of five points.

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Although there were more bad days than good, the Wallabies showed that they can compete with the two best teams in the world, Ireland and France.

«There’s always pressure, and this kind of thing can spiral out of control,» said former Wallabies center Morgan Turinui. Between Stan Sport’s Two Posts.

«When you started talking about things, Italy was a huge momentum shift. Now we’re looking at five Test spring rounds and we’re winning one Scotland, we’re losing one France, we’re losing one Italy, we’re losing three Ireland, five Wales.

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“We’re one point and three points behind the two best in the world. I don’t care about this three-out-of-five passing grade. I’m really interested in the content.

“Context is good enough for me as I know there are huge lessons to be learned about discipline and how to start a Test match effectively and selection consistency.

«I’ll tell you what, I’m talking about selection consistency, but also the continuity of coaching. It doesn’t work. It’s rarely the coach’s fault.»

Sean Maloney and Morgan Turinui enjoying a famous Wallabies comeback win and reflecting on some of their favorite moments from 2022, both on and off the show

Co-host Sean Maloney said, «If there are sharpened knives, get them back in the Wiltshire set at home. Looking at the Wallabies coaching boss, it’s not necessary.»

However, the same cannot be said for Wales manager Wayne Pivac.

His men were dejected, winning just one out of five games at the Six Nations.

Adding insult to injury, Georgia gave Wales an edge, leading some to question whether the transcontinental nation would ever be part of the Six Nations.

“It was night for a dead man walking past Wayne Pivac, Georgia,” Turinui said.

«They were one of five at the Six Nations. They beat South Africa in South Africa but South Africa pulled out their second team. They lost the series 2-1.

Lonergan makes game-winning tryout

«But then Georgia [Test] It was probably the last bet. An important win against Australia would have helped, but the way and the way they lost that game, you’d think it could happen.»

Another coach apparently in contention is Eddie Jones.

The English Rugby Football Association has launched an investigation into the performance of their national teams in the spring.

England have only one win out of four matches.

But Turinui told Jones—or any coach for that matter—that dropping a nuclear bomb isn’t a magic solution.

«All I saw was the phrase ‘my fault’ that Eddie – I had heard before – sort of apologized and took responsibility for it,» he added.

«I’ll tell you what, English players, it’s going to cost you dearly because this quote means they have to work harder, and he’s going to go down more.

«I don’t think there’s any reason to change any manager when we’re this close to a World Cup. If it’s a World Cup leap to get better in the World Cup, it probably won’t work for the World Cup.»

«If you think you don’t have the right man and forget about the World Cup and start the new regime that’s coming in now, then that’s a different question.

«If I’m in England, I can’t get rid of an experienced manager who has achieved historic success in World Cups.»

The 2023 Rugby World Cup starts in September.

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