ClamAV 1.0 is the first «round» version of the antivirus

ClamAV 1.0 Released as the first «round» version of this freeware (GPLv2) and multiplatform antivirus. This version is somewhat surprising considering it’s a very old development with twenty years behind it, but on the other hand, these situations are not uncommon in the FLOSS world.

The first release of ClamAV to see the light was 0.01 in 2002. It’s not a traditional anti-malware solution, it’s more «antivirus toolkit specially designed for scanning email on mail gateways. It provides a host of utilities, including a flexible and scalable multithreaded daemon, a command line scanner, and an advanced tool for automatic database updates. The core of the package is an antivirus engine delivered in the form of a shared library. Only Linux has real-time detection support.

Continuing the story, ClamAV was acquired by Sourcefire in 2007, and that company took over the trademark and copyrights of the product, but the software’s source code continued to be released under the GPLv2 license (something like this). what about RHEL and its clones?). Years later, in 2013, Sourcefire was acquired by Cisco, so although ClamAV luckily retained the GPLv2 license, it has since been owned by the latter.

Now yes, we will talk about ClamAV 1.0 news. To begin with, there is Support for decrypting read-only OLE2-based XLS files encrypted with the default key. The default key usage will now appear in the JSON metadata.

this feature or mode all gameResponsible for continuing to scan within a match (file) to find more matches, rewritten with new code that is more reliable and maintainable. On the other hand, several test cases have been added to verify the correct behavior of all matches.

To continue with more about the mod all gamewhen a malware signature also matches in a scan of the same layer, matching of embedded file type recognition signatures is enabled, mod bytecode signatures are enabled all game fixed some issues with using the mod after a match has taken place all game.

Another interesting innovation of ClamAV 1.0 adding a new callback (call back) in the public API to inspect the contents of a file during a scan operation defined in an extraction layer of the file clamv.h.

To round things up in this release, a new function has been added to the public API for unpacking CVD signature files, the option to compile with an external TomsFastMath library has been removed (database and Windows EXE/DLL authentication certificate may fail), plus a Moved Dockerfile and some support scripts from the main ClamAV repository to make it easier to update images and troubleshoot.

All details about ClamAV 1.0 are published at: official announcementWhile you can get antivirus for Linux (Deb and RPM), macOS and Windows from the download section of the official website.

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