pourquoi ça peut all changer

pourquoi ça peut all changer

OnePlus is announcing its four years at les plus hauts de gamme on majeures à majeures and cinq ans de patch de sécurité smartphones. A two-man builder after Samsung sens.

Different international media, masters of a round table held à laquelle frandroid pu assistant in video conference, oneplus I declared a nouveaute de taille. sound phones high game Security patches for four years, for various reasons, and for several years.

Concretely, cela veut dire qu’un smart phone eat OnePlus 11 The dev version ranked at the first launch of Android 13, as with Android 17, is first in a security patch.

The brand has not listed the exact ranges for this nouveaute, but there has been a lot of talk about its «flagships». Proof OnePlus numbers are useful are the highlights of OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 10 Pro.

Ignore the amount of accessible items as well as ancillary games in OnePlus Nord, ignore triple and double annual sequential alignments, which creates a space tree, which can be important in different games of the brand.

Pourquoi ça all modifier risk

After that time, no smart phone of any brand can announce a product without asking the same question: Will the weather change on the same day? The name of mises à jour d’Android et de patches de sécurité becomes a central element of communication.

Gary Chen, chief of the combined OxygenOS and ColorOS software team, confirms: «Enjoy a large number of young people for the phone and long-term use. » Crispy Crispy Crispy Crispy Crispy This survey was conducted in front of our municipality.an important criterion (du moins pour les lecteurs assidus de frandroid).

Well, voilà, after February 2022, one seule sign on Android will dominate all the others. During the presentation of the sessions Galaxy S22, Samsung recently announced that Android has passed four generations.. In addition, a consensus semblait s’être établi. Samsung, le très bon élève avec quatre ans, les mauvais élèves qui ne mettaient à jour leur leur élève à jour leur éléve que deux années and donc, modèles haut de gamme quise quisela ant ant gamme .

A four-year pass for OnePlus should strike a delicate balance on the modifier point. Babysitter qu’il already deux « bons élèves » à quatre années, se doute que le sujet va ser de plus en plus pressant. The series where the counter-alignment is at the highest level in OnePlus is not responsible enough to be responsible for a new scan in ColorOS, Oppo’s interface.

Putting a plus of pressure on Google, doigt pointée du doigt tois ans de mises à jour malgré son an la matière (Google gère le d’Android support, on le rappelle) and Pixel. Xiaomi, Honor, Motorola: All the players in this course are French.

An all-round choice?

Another direct consequence of this is that in the coming weeks Apple loses even one of its biggest advantages. In fact, iOS 16 currently supports a maximum of older models of 5 and above. A patch maintenance person in your profile on Android, go back to your cart.

OnePlus answered a legitimate plutôt journalist’s question: why did you lose four years? Plus? The person in charge, Gary Chen, is for two reasons: « In terms of coût, cela est très complicé is also bidder plus. Even Samsung won’t do that. Plus, it’ll be a big engagement. The fact that the hardware is capable of reasoning based on real logic cannot and does not hinder. Or, à ce stade, nous pensons pouvoir nous engagement sur quatre années, pas plus. »

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