Control Google Chrome 108 and save energy

Control Google Chrome 108 and save energy

Google has Web explorer log in version 108 in all license plate forms. This new face launches an energy economy mode, empowering Web pages that allow external foreclosures and provide excellent access in custom navigation on iOS.

After a few days to avoid an emergency The misfortune of fixing the zero-day errorGoogle distribution wind chrome 108. Avec cette nouvelle mouture, Google launches new pros and tests new pros.

An energy economy function in test courses

Thanks to the resources, Chrome has become a new economy mode in the desktop version, as in Chrome OS. Cette nouvelle function instantly displays the flag from derrière in test courses chrome://flags/#battery-saver-mode-available.


Once enabled, it gives you access to a new section called Performances dans les paramètres du navigation. Celleci activates energy saving and choosing the activation mode. You can also configure Chrome to unwind only if the battery level is greater than or equal to 20% or is active due to your machine being disconnected from the branch.

Chrome 108 energy saving mode

Des pages plus mobile sur avec le clavier virtual

iOS and Android do not behave the same way to adapt the look of the page being viewed due to the keyboard inversion. On iOS the switch will open even when the content is opened, on Android the content will be automatically resized and resized in the visible area. The behavior of the two is radically different, with major advantages and disadvantages.

Chrome 108 keyboard

With Chrome 108, Google Provided you have the freedom to help develop websites, you can choose the capacity to adopt the keyboard for deployment. With the virtual device adopting Chrome, you cannot decide the behavior besides adapting the website to the website.

A parade of user absence on iOS

The same day as Chrome in version 108 is also Google’s opportunity to test a three-app functionality on iOS. Explorer removes external liens from other apps in incognito mode. But beware, it is not active by default. Google test instantly drop the flag chrome://flags/#3p-intents-in-incognito. Likewise, Chrome must be configured as web browser by default on iPhone or iPad in order to use the user.

chrome 108 iOS hidden

A flag has been activated, new options dans les Parameters > Privacy and security you will be offered Celle-ci vous autorise à Request to hear other apps’ liens in private navigation mode.

Chrome 108 iOS private browsing

Concretely, it means you want to hear an external link after a third app, the page opens in Chrome with a popup asking if you’ve heard it while private browsing. In fact, if you have an external connection after your iPad, for example, your activities will not be synchronized with the connected Google in Chrome.

For the rest, Chrome 108 fixes 28 security bugs most of the time, don’t think it’s too important.

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