Socceroos Denmark World Cup latest news, Socceroos World Cup 2022, Socceroos

Socceroos Denmark World Cup latest news, Socceroos World Cup 2022, Socceroos

“We’ve been doing things for four and a half years. Players know exactly what to do and what my expectations are. I don’t think changing the wheel in a single day would do anything really great tactically. What it will do is mess with the brains of the players, and once you do that, you won’t be able to get the most out of them.»

Nor will he allow them to spend too much time on social media.

When Australia beat Tunisia 1-0, Arnold gathered all his players in a circle and told them to enjoy the moment – but as soon as they got back to the barracks at the Al Janoub Stadium, the moment was over to face Denmark, where they would return again. They didn’t gain anything, they didn’t do anything. Not yet.

If there’s one thing Arnold learned from the Olyroos campaign at the Tokyo Olympics, it was the dangers of getting carried away. A pathetic under-23 Australians win over Argentina had everyone throwing their chests and honking their own horns – but then they lost to Spain and Egypt, their medal hopes dissolved and everything was in vain.

“This is too much celebration. And this celebration, I’m sorry, social media,» he said.

«And they do it until four or five in the morning and they watch all the great comments and enjoy all this shit, if I can tell. It affects the actors and it affects the sleep patterns. Until five in the morning, if you look at this and the good comments and the people who support you, the next day they support you. the same people become the ones who kill us.


Australia (4-2-3-1): Ryan; Atkinson, Souttar, Rowles, Behich; Mooy, Irvine; Leckie, Hrustic, Goodwin; Duke.

Denmark (4-2-3-1): Schmeichel; Kristensen, Anderson, Christensen, Maehle; Hojbjerg, Jensen; Olsen, Eriksen, Damsgaard; dolberg

«Then get rid of him. Don’t look at him.»

Arnold won’t impose a sweeping ban on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook at Socceroos’ Aspire Academy headquarters in Doha – it would be impossible to apply to modern athletes anyway – but he warned his players not to overdo it.

Who needs the Screen Time app to monitor your iPhone usage with your coach looking over your shoulder?

«That’s what I’ve learned over the years,» he said.

“Something I’ve never looked at [at] – I don’t and I know I’ve been telling you all the time and I hope you finally believe that I haven’t read anything, but I know the effect it has on people. Celebrities have a huge influence on sports stars… if it affects your brain, it doesn’t matter how fit you are, how good you are technically or how good your tactics are – they won’t admit it. because they are not mentally ready.

“I’m really happy to play in the days when there were no cell phones and magazines didn’t give you a 10 out of 10 rating. It was a long time ago but it’s a big deal. I think actors are very strong mentally these days, but at the end of the day, I have to take my wife off social media and my kids off social media because it almost kills them.»

Arnold has reported health to his 26-man squad – including Nathaniel Atkinson, who missed the Tunisia match with an ankle injury, and Ajdin Hrustic, who came down from the bench in the first minutes of the World Cup and is currently competing for a match. a larger role, but wearing sneakers at Monday’s workout, was limited to «light duty».

Recording more mileage than any other player, Mathew Leckie was in the gym for jogging at night.

Arnold also has a lot of inside information about Denmark from Socceroos like Maty Ryan and Joel King, who play club football in the Danish Superliga, and assistant coach Andrew Clark, who works for FC Copenhagen.

Graham Arnold speaks to the media at Aspire Academy at his base in Doha, Australia.Credit:getty

“We have players who play against them on a weekly basis, who know them and are very confident,” Arnold said.

«Andrew Clark is definitely here for sports science and actually I didn’t initially think the Danish club would release him for that reason, but now it’s gotten to the point where we’re against them and Andrew Clark has a lot of details about the Danish players he can give us.


“They’re such a good team, there’s a reason they’re ranked 10th in the world.

“But after our win against Tunisia, I saw that we went up to 30. We respect them but it’s all about us, getting our game plan right and making sure we make it very, very difficult for the Danes.»

Arnold joked that he hadn’t slept well for 12 years before facing Tunisia and wanted so badly to bring World Cup success to the Socceroos.

It has now and still can’t make eight smooth clock mods.

“I just want so much more,” he said.

«I can’t explain it because I have such a strong passion for Australian football and seeing celebrations… I’ve been sent several videos of bars I’ve never heard of, from friends and also random people. Or places I’ve never heard of and people freaking out. That’s what I’m here for, to put a smile on people’s faces. .

«It’s been a great journey, but as our team identity [says]: Many journeys, one uniform. The journey is not over yet.”

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