How to see a summary of the year along with stats for your favorite artists and songs?

How to see a summary of the year along with stats for your favorite artists and songs?

we will explain to you How to view your Spotify Wrapped 2022 annual recapevery year spotify collects listening statistics on the platform and shows it to you. Although it is an annual summary, it only takes into account what you hear in the first ten months of the year and produces cartoons that you can share along with statistics.

And at the end of all the statistics visualizations, a compilation image will also be created, perfect for sharing in stories and social networks. Now we will tell you how you can access these statistics and what you will find in them.

As in previous years, this summary you will receive via mobile apps The listening data they show is from Spotify, even though it’s from Spotify on all the platforms you use it. So even if you are using Spotify on Windows or browser, you need to download the mobile app for this summary. on Google Play for android and on the App Store from iOS.

This Spotify Packed 2022

To start your annual summary with listening statistics, you should: inside the app look for the Spotify Wrapped banner From Spotify, on Android or iOS. In case it doesn’t appear, you can: Access through the official websiteenter and clicking on download Spotify. By doing this, it will open your mobile app and launch statistics.


Spotify Wrapped consists of six slides with statistics. The first one is for a presentation and they tell you they will show you all the statistics for the year.


They will show you on the second slide The five sub-genres you listen to the most during the last few months. They will do this through a story where each species is a planet orbiting the sun.

Film Musics

They’ll tell you on the next slide definitions of the type of music you listen to three hours a day, morning, afternoon and night. Each will be given a three-word title that describes the mood or atmosphere the music represents for that moment of the day.

Listening Hours

Then you will be told the number of minutes you listen to music has been released on Spotify in recent months and will be compared to the average number of listeners in Spain.


You will then come to the slide that talks about the songs and what is your favorite song In the last year. This includes the day you listened to it the most and your total listening over the year.

songs heard

On the next slide, he first tells you the total number of different songs he’s heard during the year. When finished, you will be told with the top 5 top five most listened songs during this time.


After Spotify tells you the songs you listen to the most A playlist of the 100 most listened to songs of the year. In addition to saving to your library, you will also be able to: Share Your Spotify Playlist Wrapped 2022.


and then Spotify will show you first Which artist did you listen to the most? throughout the year. Once you do, it will show you list of the top five artists you listen to. They are two different slides that you can share.


And finally, Spotify creates one final slide in summary form. This final screenshot will be presented to you in different colors so you can choose your favorite style and share the final summary on your social networks. Actually, you have a button To share on both this and all other slides to share as a story or picture.

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