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At the start of an Asia-Pacific content presentation held in Singapore on Wednesday, The Walt Disney Company announces it’s expanding its longstanding relationship with the powerful Japanese publisher kodansha will co-produce a growing list of original anime for the streaming service disneyplus.

The expanded collaboration will also include the global licensing of exclusive manga-based anime titles produced by. kodanshastarting from Tokyo Avengers Season 2: The Christmas Showdown Arcto be released specifically disneyplus Y disney plus hot star in January 2023.

«We are delighted to deepen our strategic partnership of such an exciting kind with our long-standing partner Kodansha.«, aforementioned Carol ChoyVice President of Original Content Strategy at disney in APAC. «Japanese anime fills a gap in our content development plans and we believe this expanded collaboration will be game changer. About Disney’s future animation strategy in Japan. We look forward to bringing Kodansha’s valuable intellectual property and anime to the world stage.“.

As with competitors Netflix Y Amazon Prime VideoJapanese anime, along with Korean drama content, has been the mainstay of Disney’s original content strategy. company aims to expand subscriber reach in growing Asia-Pacific region.

According to consulting firm Parrot Analytics, Global demand for anime content has increased 118% over the past two years, making it one of the fastest growing content genres during the pandemic. (The firm measures the demand metric by combining consumer data with social media activity, social video, and independent research.)

Disney announced on Wednesday in Singapore Total hourly streams of locally produced Asian content on Disney Plus are now eight times higher than a year ago. Last year, more than 45 new Asia-Pacific games were released on the streaming service. disney. programs like big mouth, Soundtrack #1 Y IN SOOP: Friendcation says they were among the top three most-watched titles in most Asia-Pacific markets during their opening weeks disney.

Kodansha is recognized worldwide for licensing some of the world’s most iconic manga. akira, shingeki no kyojin Y ghost in the shell. partnership disney The history of the company dates back to 1950. kodansha first published a manga art book Miki Mouse, pluto cub, Donald Duck and The seven Dwarfs in the series «Disney’s Manga Ehon“. kodansha Continuing to publish the Japanese monthly magazine disney, disney fansEntering its thirty-second year, as well as art and illustration books for other franchise releases on the market.

«We focus our content development on what we call content whitespace.«, aforementioned Luke Kanghead disney In Asia-Pacific, at his keynote address in Singapore. «We invest in areas that require more local specificityeither because of the huge popularity in certain markets, Like Japanese anime, Korean dramas, or Indonesian romantic and horror comediesor the need to tell local stories with skills our local audiences are familiar with».

Disney is showcasing more than 50 shows from its 2023 movie and internet content list at its two-day event in Singapore. Some of the talents joining Wednesday are the Japanese director. Miike Takashikorean stars Jung Haein, kokyungpyo Y kim hyejun crime fantasy thriller Connect; lee donghwi, heo chipboard and manager kang yungsung of the Big Bet; Yuya Yagira, Riho Yoshioka and manager shinzo katayama From the Japanese drama series gannibal; Y Chelsea Island from the upcoming Indonesian superhero series strip. Peter Sohnof the Pixaroriginal feature film director Primary educationalso took part in the event.

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