Ludwika Paleta celebrated her 44th birthday at Carlos Salinas de Gortari's home.

Ludwika Paleta celebrated her 44th birthday at Carlos Salinas de Gortari’s home.

Ludwika’s birthday celebration comes just one month after the end of filming for her latest movie «Wedding Night» (Photo: Instagram)

Who is happy because on Monday, November 28th, the actress celebrated her 44th birthday Ludwika Palette. Her heroine, as she allowed herself to appear on her Instagram account Mom there are only two shared it with his closest friends at his father-in-law, the former Mexican president Carlos Salinas de Gortari.

Born on November 28, 1978 in Poland, the actress shared the details of the celebration on her social network, accompanied by about 25 close friends, most of whom are members of Mexican show business.

Of course Ludwika celebrated with wife Emiliano Salina Ocellishe wore a pink dress with a motif animal print she was dressed in red and the actress was very happy with her sister. Dominica Palettein turn accompanied by her husband.

At a great imperial dinner, Ludwika shared with her relatives and broke three cakes (Photo: Instagram)
At a great imperial dinner, Ludwika shared with her relatives and broke three cakes (Photo: Instagram)

Among the special guests of the famous woman who started her career with a soap opera in the late 80s carousel The actor and one of his closest friends, Osvaldo BenavidesIn addition Verónica Toussait, Alejandro de la Madrid, Ana Celia Urquidi, Diego del Río, Dalilah Polanco, Marcela Guirado, Monica Dionne and journalist paola rojasas well as others who met at the ex-Mexican president’s luxury mansion in Mexico City.

The large library, the Mexican flag in the background, high ceilings and wooden floors were the setting for the actor to be entertained by his closest friends. Although little is known about her relationship with the actress Friends and rivals and the controversial PRI politician, it can be concluded that Paleta was sincere as he celebrated at the mansion in question, where he blew out the candles of three different cakes.

It is worth noting that this event was one of the first in which Ludwika’s husband was present since then. Emiliano Salinas went unnoticed for several years. and with his presence on his wife’s birthday, this continues to pursue public life after 2022, participated in the PAAX Festival organized by the director. Vine Joke At Xcaret and then to the actress’s birthday party Gretell Valdez.

Close friends celebrating Ludwika Paleta's birthday included Paola Rojas and Dalilah Polanco (Photo: Instagram)
Close friends celebrating Ludwika Paleta’s birthday included Paola Rojas and Dalilah Polanco (Photo: Instagram)

It should be noted that it was said in 2019. Son of Carlos Salinas and Cecilia Occelli led Executive Success Programs group in MexicoAn extension of NXIVM, founded between 2002 and 2003, which offers workshops on leadership, human development and personal growth, and which later learned operates in a way that is detrimental to the human rights of its followers.

At the end of May 2019, the husband of the birthday girl made a statement. He distanced himself from the crimes committed by the association led by Keith RaniereHe was sentenced to 120 years in prison for complicity and sex trafficking.

Ludwika’s birthday came after mid-October this year. Two «extra» actors died in the middle of filming Wedding nightTheir bodies were found lifeless when they entered the sea off the coast of Oaxaca.

Liked by Ludwika Paleta
Ludwika Paleta shared her «big day» with her sister Dominika Paleta and close friend Osvaldo Benavides (Photo: Instagram)

The event came as a shock and the film’s director, Osvaldo Benavides, was saddened by the death of his friends; Not so Ludwika, who was later criticized for her alleged «lack of empathy» before her death. Days later, the model also responded to those who judged her for her reaction, which she described as «cold and distant».

I feel like it’s never enough If I say something, it is wrong, and if I do not say it, it is wrong. because both you (the press) and we should be very careful with your words and very careful with what you say.” She had an affair with Pablo Montero.

Ludwika Paleta and Osvaldo Benavides star in the actor's production 'The Wedding Night' (Photo: Instagram)
Ludwika Paleta and Osvaldo Benavides star in the actor’s production ‘The Wedding Night’ (Photo: Instagram)

«I I stayed on the sidelines and had great respect for the suffering of families. Because it is a very painful event for both us and empaths. There must be people who write on networks. This shocked us all because you don’t want to hear from anyone like this, much less from the people you work with.»


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