Artificial Intelligence |  Also a presence in the Quebec region

Artificial Intelligence | Also a presence in the Quebec region

In parle beaucoup like the artificial intelligence center commercial center of Montréal, choose mais il se passe aussi des dans le domaine ailleurs dans la. Notamment à Québec and à Lévis. aperch

L’Institut Intelligence and Données de l’Université Laval

The pursuit of artificial intelligence and valuing women is still active after years at Université Laval, but the diverse expertise in these federations is already three years old with the establishment of the Intelligence and Talent Institute (IID). . Regroup the Center for Mass Data Research (CRDM), the Robotics Research Center, the Vision and Intelligence Machine (CeRVIM), the Data and Intelligence Center (CRDIG), and the Research Interuniversity Research Center. ‘enterprise, logistics and transport (CIRRELT).

Lynda Robitaille, executive director of the IID, said: “Bring these centers together so that the multidisciplinary avec des organizations are a specialization that reveals the reality of their projects très variée et, insi, de réaliser.

L’IID realise notamment du transfert de connaissances and de l’accompagnement to the number of utilities for developers in the distribution of maîtrise preparation stages in organizations in the south of Canada (CNRC) and in the informatics intelligence specialization.

« Our preparations for Ailleurs take a regional tour with CNRC and MAIN [Mouvement des accélérateurs d’innovation du Québec] Combine our expertise and services to accelerate digital transformation », add Lynda Robitaille.

After those years, a big project is on the way with Unspoilt Assurance. A babysitter and a student train alumni are implied in a big data analytics project.

Another big project, DEEL (Reliable and Explainable Learning) – Québec, along with other universities and many large companies such as Bombardier and CAE, for those working on artificial intelligence in aircraft transport systems.

« Ce sont des initiative majeures, mais nous Developmentpons aussi des Projets avec de petites et moyennes entreprises, definite MI robitale In order to progress faster in projects, we have the opportunity to acquire knowledge on a computer of various professions. »

Digital supply chains at Levis

At the Université du Québec à Rimouski (UQAR), located on a campus in Lévis, the head of research for artificial intelligence for digital, resilient, agile and resilient supply chains was recently created.

« The C’est en fait une initiative is strong enough to enable businesses in the Chaudière-Appalaches and Québec region to achieve real figures of digitization of production processes and key costs. », explained Loubna Benabbou, professor in the sciences department of the l’UQAR administration and the owner of this new chair.

The search is done in cooperation with companies, in particular XST (Xpert Solutions Technologies), a company from Lévis specializing in the development and management of an information system for maritime traffic management.

Loubna Benabbou said, “We define the performance indicator that is Avec chaque entreprise, veut améliorer, then collect the data, networks, features and usages.

Intelligence AI can help businesses in their line of business to be more resilient, more agile and more resilient. . «Et c’est vrai non seulement in the processus of production, mais aussi dès le contact avec le premier fournisseur jusqu’à la product or service au client», to be precise.

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