AFL draft 2022: Drafts with good stories

AFL draft 2022: Drafts with good stories

Richmond caught in second pick Steel Greensuper fast midfielder/short defender who played a time of 6:17 in the two kilometer time trial on the national combine.

The teenager was named after his mother’s favorite rock band, Steely Dan – but the 18-year-old admitted he’d never listened to any of the band’s songs.

Steely Green, named after the rock’n’roll band Steely Dan, was struck by lightning five years ago.Credit:getty

The rock’n’roll name isn’t the only notable thing about Steely – he was struck by lightning five years ago while sailing.

“[Lightning] It hit the top of the mast and it spurred me to push me off the boat.” Green hired Channel Seven. «My mom was actually drinking a nice glass of wine in the clubhouse and a lady watching came into the club and literally shouted ‘Your son was hit by lightning’.»

Luckily, Green was wearing rubber boots that his mother had bought him a week ago – this literally saved his life and prevented the lightning from «passing through his body».

Richmond said of the young man: «We love his toughness in competition, his ability to deal with pressure and his competitiveness. He’s super clean inside and then he can get out really fast. Steely wins his own football and by bringing others into the game he shows the versatility to play multiple roles in our system.»

From Auskicker of the Year to the big time

number 12 Jedd Busslinger She came into the limelight when she was just eight years old, winning the Auskicker of the Year award in 2012.

After receiving his massive check for $5,000, Busslinger posed for a photo with Joel Selwood and later presented a prime ministerial coin to Sydney legend Adam Goodes on the day of the grand finale.

Fast forward to Monday night and Busslinger has joined the ranks of AFL players – but with Selwood’s recent retirement, he will be unable to face neither Goodes nor prime minister Cat on the field. The 196cm Western Australian player said the lead defense is his best position and is looking forward to joining the Bulldogs pre-season with new teammates like his tall friends Aaron Naughton and Liam Jones. «I can’t wait to learn from them,» Busslinger said.

Fifth time lucky for Wangaratta teacher

You may have read about Joe Richards, a special education teacher from Wangaratta who was picked up by Pies on Tuesday night.

Joe Richards, the newest mature member of CollingwoodCredit:Twitter / Collingwood FC

But again, it’s a story worth mentioning.

Richards never played in the state league and waited five years for a draft opportunity. He has scored 29 goals in 11 games for Wangaratta this year, and has stormed the stage with a phenomenal bag of 11 in just his third senior game.

His coach was Ben Reid, Prime Minister Pie, who soon became an enthusiastic and relentless supporter, angering roster Derek Hine and insisting that Richardson just needed a chance.

There is one now. You can read the full story from Michael Gleeson here.

A selfless act during the combine

At the national consolidation, where draft candidates are subject to skill-based tests, Max Gruzewksi He showed not only his talent, but also his character.

Selfless move: Max Gruzewski ran back to pick who fell during a 2km time trial

Selfless move: Max Gruzewski ran back to pick who fell during a 2km time trialCredit:Dylan Burns / AFL Photos via Getty Images

During the two-mile run, the teenager rushed back to help his fellow soldier Lewis Hayes (hired by Essendon in the 25th election), who collapsed with exertion towards the end of the run.


«‘Haysey’ was struggling lately, and I think my wife’s health and how she feels was more important than a running race, so I thought I should help her,» Gruzewski said. Messenger Sun In that case.

«I think I would always prioritize my wife’s health over a race or something like that, that’s a lot more important.»

The now 193-centimeter rocking man will be transported to NSW after being selected by the Giants in the 22nd pick on Tuesday. Gruzewksi returned from a knee injury, recovered in time to complete the end of the NAB League season, and received a major suspension against Vic Country in the carnival decision for Vic Metro. Hayes, who was treated by medical personnel on the combine, was also enlisted by the Bombers with the number 25 selection.

«Max is a player we’ve been watching closely in roles on both ends of the pitch this year. We’re seeing real scope for him given his limited exposure to high-level football, which has only really gone on the radar this year,» said GWS hiring manager Adrian Caruso.

«He’s competitive and playing physically, that’s something we value very much.»

mullet man

Greetings from South Australia, Jacob Ryan Known for his kicking ability and on-court versatility, he was named the state’s best player in their match against Vic Metro.

But his on-the-field talent aside, it was his golden curls that caught the eye of Fox Footy’s panel Tuesday night when the drafting team compared the Collingwood recruit’s mullet to that of Bulldog star Bailey Smith.

Mullet Man and the Tigers hire Jakob Ryan and wonder if his haircut is here to stay.

Mullet Man and the Tigers hire Jakob Ryan and wonder if his haircut is here to stay. Credit:getty

Ryan also got fans talking with his haircut, which has been described by various people as «gorgeous» and «the best mullet in the AFL» on Twitter. Someone invoked sect status early.

Ryan, who will join Pies next season, disclosure Advertising He hasn’t had a «proper» haircut in 10 years.

Whether his distinctive curls will survive long enough to make his AFL debut is a mystery, the young actor tells Fox Footy it’s time for a haircut.

«Who knows, we’ll see – maybe it’s time for an outage, but we’ll take a look,» he said. The good news was that the mullet had survived the happy pile of his friends when his name was called on enlistment night.

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