Ashley Islas shows off free content from her Onlyfans at Flowfest

Ashley Islas shows off free content from her Onlyfans at Flowfest

  • Formula 1 left an economic loss of 15 thousand 536 million 705 thousand pesos.

  • Coca Cola is the official sponsor of Flow Fest.

  • 20,000 attendees are expected to the Flow Fest in Guadalajara.

Ashley Islands surprised with his friends Flow Festivalsince you went to dance on stage with Jowel and Randy, However, this triggered a huge debate on social networks.

this Flow Festival The fact that everything happened at the reggaeton music festival held at the Hermanos Rodríguez Autodrome in Mexico City, attended by more than 85,000 people, did not go unnoticed.

Among the official sponsors of this event Coca Cola Flow Festivalmain motto «We are the largest reggaeton festival in the world.»

The economic benefit of major festivals

There have been major events recently in Mexico City such as this case. Formula 1 Mexican Grand Prix at Flow Fest, Corona Capital and Autodromo de los Hermanos Rodríguezso this represents a positive impact on the country’s economy, only Formula 1 left economic flow According to La’s estimates, 15,536 million 705 thousand pesos in Mexico City Economic Development Secretariat (SEDEKO), thus contributing significantly to the economic recovery.

Meanwhile Royal Capital It brought together 180,092 participants and generated 12.2 million pesos in economic benefits in two days.

Flow Fest has already ended in Mexico City, but other major cities are still missing, as this event needs to reach Guadalajara and Monterrey, so these festivals will likewise make a positive impact in their home city, despite Carlos the director of Ocesa Guadalajara too la Torre said that the city of Guadalajara does not compete with Mexico City or Monterrey, this festival is expected to attract more tourism to the City of Guadalajara, because so far it is expected to be 20,000. Participants therefore expect to close the year with more than 3 million tourists, which translates to more than 48 million pesos in economic benefits.

Ashley Islas shows off free content from her Onlyfans at Flowfest

Ashley Islands gave a lot to talk about, then flow fest concert since he went to dance on stage with his friends at his concert Jowel and Randy, it was a big reason argument for being accused of being misogynistic violence symbolic against women for letting them do it topless As Ashley Islas noted on her TikTok account, she’s in front of everyone despite her lack of five senses.

«For all the people who ask me how I got on stage, the answer is, I don’t even know, I remember something because we had a lot more drinks,» Ashley said.

@ashleyislas.official LIVE😎#streamfest #fyp #streamfest2022 #cocacolaflowfest #jowellyrandyconcert #asleyislasf #jowellyrandyconcert #fypシ゚viral ♬ original sound – ashleyislas.oficial

Ashley Islas is also known for the content she offers on the platform. Fans Onlyhowever, she has had a few issues since her previous Instagram account was hacked but that didn’t stop her from recovering and exceeding the follower count on her new account, she currently has a community of 30,000 followers but is expected to grow fast due to the popularity it is currently receiving.

Most netizens confirm that girls are responsible for showing themselves off the stage in front of everyone. Jowel and Randy, But the real detail is that the girls are not in their five senses as mentioned above, but there is also the other side that objectifies women, which points to the singers being responsible, because it just wasn’t shown. topless, but they were also touched, which caused many disapproval, as well as Randy placing his face in the center of one of the young women’s breasts.

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