Ángela Aguilar paralyzes the net in a black mini dress that accentuates her mini waist

Ángela Aguilar paralyzes the net in a black mini dress that accentuates her mini waist

Celebrity looks always have a lot to talk about, but celebrity looks Angela Aguilar They are especially ideal for youngsters to follow every trend of the season or to flaunt the riskiest designs as it has been shown recently. a jumpsuit with a plunging neckline crowned as a whole fashion designer. In one day, the singer surprised with two fashionable chairs and one more that matched her previous outfit. a mini dress

Although it is very common to see Angela Aguilar With the surprising looks that the tights stand out, coatsembroidered dresses or corsets mini waist, on this occasion, she created a stir by showing her figure in a rarely iconic way. black mini dress It can even be compared to the «revenge» worn by Lady Di or Shakira. Of course, the design that suits her style stands out with its very youthful and stylish touch that caused an internet sensation.

Celebrity is the most important fashion icon of the period. (Photo: IG @angela_aguilar_)

This is how Pepe Aguilar’s daughter stole all eyes in front of the mirror

Through her official Instagram account, where she already has more than 9 million followers, the regional Mexican translator has become a sensation. short dress It can be used even during winter and the perfect color to keep the elegance black It is combined with gold accessories that help make the look stand out even more. Of course, she also gave a great fashion lesson with this outfit and neckline Perfect for young ladies.

What iconic outfit Angela Aguilar paralyzed web somehow stands out fit the body, ideal for showing off a silhouette full of curves and mini waist Like the singer On the other hand, a very short skirt above the calf stands out, creating the effect of elongating the body of the kilometric legs, which is a trick she applies despite her height.

It is impossible not to notice a detail about the region where the blouse is located. french collarAlso known as the «square», exactly this geometric shape accentuates the neck and accompanies the shoulder straps. short dress. Although no more details such as possible embroideries can be seen on the forum in front of the mirror or sequinsThis elegant and modest model is perfect for catching all eyes and imposing fashion.

This is the mini dress that Ángela Aguilar sighed. (Photo: IG @angela_aguilar_)

Angela Aguilar As a true fashionista, she knows that no look is complete without accessories, and although on other occasions she surprises with loads of jewellery, dress so precious, she just added a watch and gold bracelets to her, these are perfect to give her a nice vibe. extra touch of charm On the other hand, a handbag picks up black in design, while a gold chain strap maintains harmony in appearance.

Finally, in this photo in front of the mirror shared by a friend on the occasion of her birthday, she ended her fashion class by showing how beautiful women are. sandals are out of fashion and it helps to give that final touch grace to any outfit.


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