PHOTO: Ángela Aguilar shows off her silhouette in fitted Christmas pajamas

PHOTO: Ángela Aguilar shows off her silhouette in fitted Christmas pajamas

Angela Aguilar She is ready for the December season with her best looks and confirmed this with a flirtatious look that she shared with her influencer sister. analyze aguilarWho did he pose with? fitted pajamas Christmas and waste of style showcased his silhouettestealing the gaze of millions of fans instagrama platform that positions itself as one of the favourites.

The youngest daughter of the Ranchera music singer, Pepe Aguilar He didn’t win fans with his great talent on the stage, where he started his career as a child with his parents and followed in the footsteps of his grandparents. Wildflower and Antonio Aguilar, She also came to the fore as a young woman with her own style of dressing, which she imposed on each of the outfits she shows on her official accounts.

Angela conquers in her flirty pajamas

The regional music commentator shared the perfect outfit to spend her days off on upcoming dates with her 8.9 million followers by copying the photo her sister posted. flirtatious and funny christmas pajamas Her pug puppies Gordo and Mini also dress her.

Ángela posed for Christmas with her sister in a flirty and playful look. Photograph: IG @aneliz_aguilar

In the image first published on his official account analysisYou can see young women who have over 750,000 fans posing in front of the mirror and wearing similar outfits because they’re both bragging about it. pyjamas The black and red plaid pattern is a common style in the season. Christmasand also a piece angel highlighted its curved silhouette.

He also shared the photos on his official Instagram account, where the singer already has 9 million followers, constantly wears the best outfits and is undoubtedly one of the funniest things she’s ever seen. She also confirms that she has an excellent relationship with her older sister, who has become a famous digital platform despite not being devoted to show business.

The spoiled offspring of the Aguilar family also wore the outfit. Photo: IG @aneliz_aguilar

Performer of songs like «In reality» and «Ahí donde me ven», 19 years old, He also confirmed once again that he is one of the celebrities who is not afraid to try different styles.because she also posed as a model Wild x Fentyunderwear company Rihannanow she is comfortable and flirtatious with nightgowns that match the dates to be celebrated.

this Pepe Aguilar’s daughterHe is one of the most important artists of the local genre, whose birthday is in October, who received dozens of awards at a young age, and who stands out with his participation in the important award ceremonies he dazzled. With her style and elegance, she has not ceased to be an icon of the youth with her appearance, as evidenced by the dinners given for the 2015 celebrations. Christmas.

The Aguilar brothers exude style and beauty. Photo: IG @angela_aguilar_


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