Mariazel: 3 flirty shorts she defies censorship in Qatar

Mariazel: 3 flirty shorts she defies censorship in Qatar

Mariazel She has proven herself as one of the queens.l mini style On Mexican television and social media, because she constantly shares her looks on her platforms. The driver is currently in Train covering all the details world cup 2022, and although this country has many restrictions on women, keep wearing shorts He likes it so much, thus defying the censorship of the site hosting this sporting event.

The television presenter has recently established herself as a fashion benchmark for women who want to look like herself. maximum beauty Y keep wearing short For over 40 years. Spanish native has no problem using itr any designfor all kinds of events, from prints, denim garments and some smooth ones casual or very formal, It shows different options and combinations on which fans are staring.

3 flirty shorts that Mariazel defies censorship

On the contrary Train characterized by beingstrong restrictions for r citizensok woman they have to carry long black dress called abaya Y cover your hair with a clothknown as shayla o nijab, Mariazel Olle was able to follow wearing the clothes you usually wear on schedules or day to day, because theseThe rules do not apply to foreigners. due to those in the country Football World Cup. However, there are a number of conditions that the television presenter must comply with.

Mariazel shows the shorts are ideal for high temperatures Photo: Screenshot

The artist, who has gained fame by participating so far, «I fell down laughing» He continued to wear the shorts that characterized him without stating that there was a problem. both in publications and on social networks, especially instagramhas 3.6 million fans, I know itUsing her flirty looks, she sees herself posing from different parts of the country. everyone loves, getting hundreds of flattering comments that they realize she’s one of the prettiest on TV.

The actor also stated that he is not allowed to enter a place only once. on Instagram stories, Mariazel He announced that he had visited the city. He came to a mosque that he could not enter. because I didn’t bring the right clothesWell, he was wearing shorts and a T-shirt. Since these are sanctuaries, visitors are asked to abide by the rules of the site, so they had to be covered, so the presenter said that another time he would return with the right attire and visit this typical cult center. islamic religion

TUDN host visits different places with mini IG appearance @mariazelzel

By the way, as already mentioned, the dress code for visitors does not apply, therefore, the member of the comedy show channel 5 She can wear the shorts she loves so much, not only because it shows off her gorgeous body, but also because it’s ideal for withstanding the intense heat of the Arab nation, because even if it’s winter, we shouldn’t forget it. , the climate exceeds 30 degrees, so the best option is to wear cool clothes.

Again Mariazel It is known as part of the «dysfunctional family». «I fell down laughing» The server was also featured Sports programsso it’s no surprise that he was in the Football World Cup as he went as part of the World Cup. TUDN Team, owned for several years. The celebrity tells every detail of the Mexican football team, which he is seen supporting from the stands..

Dress code does not apply to IG visitors @mariazelzel.


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