Mariah Carey brings out the curves of the season in a tight black dress.

Mariah Carey brings out the curves of the season in a tight black dress.

Mariah Carey photographed exuding grace and charm during a night out new York before joining the program Late Show with Stephen Colbert as a special guest.

captured by paparazzi to wear an outfit total black the season formed maxi dress Featuring a prominent bustier neckline, long sleeves, and two-opening fabric hems at the sides.

Added a thick leather belt, a pair of knit sneakers and silver details. miu miua large black bag, square sunglasses and also a pair of round earrings diamonds and stunning matching rings.

Her makeup was simple yet eye-catching, with a porcelain-like foundation, rosy cheekbones, peach lips, and nude highlights.

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Meanwhile, she has her blonde hair done in a high ponytail with wavy curls and side bangs.

this christmas queen She poses in front of him with a smiling face. paparazzi approaching him before he enters recording studios.

Contrary to the last time he was seen in New York with his famous girlfriend dancer Brian Tanaka, 39 did not appear to accompany.

Mariah Carey, the biggest star of the holiday season, made headlines at the parade. Thanksgiving in New York; closed macy’s parade with his famous song You’re All I Want For Christmas.

A video showing the singer getting help from a doctor went viral on social networks. teleprompter to sing the song

Someone joins parade The star filmed himself guiding himself through a giant screen out of sight of the cameras that helped him remember his most famous song letter by letter.

«Yes, Mariah Carey uses a teleprompter for the lyrics of her famous song at Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade,» the participant said in the video.

This video joined the criticisms of his «disaster» presentation. Playback «clearly».

despite famous While he tried to create a festive performance full of dancers and showgirls, his performance was not appreciated by attendees and audiences across the country, according to US media reports.

Carey’s own fans accused her of «shameless lip-syncing» while noticing Carey’s version. You’re All I Want For Christmas on the show it sounded exactly the same as the version recorded in 1994.

«I wish they paid me to stand up and look cute by wiggling her lips like Mariah Carey, that girl didn’t sing a single note» wrote some fans on Twitter.

Embarrassed on stage in 2016 times square during the holidays new Yearvarious technical problems left him incompatible with the song he was performing.

When problems arose, Mariah had to stop pretending to sing while she kept playing. The disaster left the audience disappointed, causing him to jump off the stage.


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