Disney's AI tool makes gamers look younger

Disney’s AI tool makes gamers look younger

more showing your strength artificial intelligence when it comes to manipulating images in a photorealistic way, disney researchers has revealed a new aging and age reduction tool that can make a player Look convincingly older or younger without the need for weeks of complicated and expensive visual effects work.

Watching a big-budget movie like Ant-Man and the Wasp As of 2018, most viewers can easily spot the work of the visual effects studios that contributed to these films with shrunken or gigantic eye-catching moments like Ant-Man. Sometimes, however, photorealistic results can be more difficult to achieve with more subtle visual effects work, such as scenes with younger versions of Michael Douglas and Michelle Pfeiffer. To achieve results similar to those seen in the movie, artists would take weeks to erase wrinkles and other signs of aging from an actor’s face or replace them with a completely computer-generated stunt.

Visual effects are a powerful cinematic tool, but there are many reasons to want to find ways to make them easier to create; easing the burden on artists who are already overworked and bad payMaking the tools available to filmmakers without Hollywood’s huge budgets. Of course, even for large studios, being able to automate this type of work has a profit motive.

That’s why companies like Disney are investing in research to help advance the art of visual effects, but in recent years these researchers have also explored how AI can simplify the VFX business. Two years ago, Disney Research Studios developed AI-powered tools that can create videos. face transplant It has sufficient quality and resolution for use in professional filmmaking. This year, researchers are showcasing a new tool that takes advantage of artificial intelligence to make actors look older or younger without requiring weeks of work as before.

Production Ready Facial Reaging for Visual Effects

The use of neural networks and machine learning to age or reduce age has already been tested While the results were convincing enough when applied to a person and still images, it did not produce results.photorealistic results in n videos on the move with temporary artifacts that appear and disappear frame to frame, while the changed video is playing, the person’s appearance sometimes becomes unrecognizable.

To create an artificial intelligence tool that changes the prepared era Hollywood demands and for this fuit was flexible enough to work on moving images, or in Shots where an actor isn’t always looking directly at the camera, according to Disney researchers a recently published articlefirst they created database of thousands of randomly generated synthetic faces. they were used Machine learning aging tools available to age and age these thousands of non-existent test subjects, and these results, FRAN («face re-aging web”anyone facial aging network).

This AI Tool Makes Gamers Look Older Or Younger

When FRAN gets an original face photopredicts which parts of the face will change with age, adding or subtracting, instead of creating a modified face photo wrinkles and these results are then superimposed on the original face as an additional layer additional visual information. This approach properly preserves the person’s appearance and identity., even when your head is moving, your face is looking around, or the lighting conditions in a shot change over time. It also allows an artist Adjust and modify AI-generated changes, which is an essential part of VFX’s job: ensuring that the changes blend seamlessly into a shot so the changes aren’t visible to the audience.

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