FIFA World Cup 2022 | Socceroos beat Denmark to reach the last 16

Even Socceroos legends Mark Bosnich and Craig Foster tried to figure out how a team of misfits could beat one of Europe’s strongest teams in a do-or-die World Cup match.

destroy Outstanding win as Australia beat Denmark 1-0 That kicked them into the Round of 16 in Qatar, the SBS panel sometimes almost speechless as they tried to explain how this Socceroos team was able to outdo the successes of the famous 2006 team full of names.

The phrase «this is football» is overused to describe the inexplicable, and perhaps in this case we are just as close to fully grasping a team that has accomplished the unthinkable.

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This team, which nearly missed the World Cup qualifiers and could easily result in the undermining of Graham Arnold long before he went to Qatar, is incomparable with players like Harry Kewell, Mark Viduka and Tim. Cahill, however, have already usurped them as Australia’s highest achievers at a World Cup, winning two group games and leaving the group by six points.

Socceroos fans go crazy in Federation Square

But how? According to Foster, it all comes down to genuine Australian courage and friendship, which he says can overcome far superior technical ability in certain situations.

»It’s an extraordinary moment for Australian football and it’s so different from 2006, that’s the beauty of this generation right now, it was a famous generation, it was a great group of players, whereas this is a different set of positives and it’s great because Australia needs to learn from this, ‘ said Foster.

«If they have this level of togetherness, this level of spirit, they don’t all have to play at the highest level, anything can happen.»

Bosnich added that «the better team wins», but «it’s hard to really put into words what that means» when looking for a meaningful way to compare this incredible effort in 2022 to the 2006 team.

«We’ve all seen what the 2006 lot did for the whole game, for the whole generation,» he said.

«There are young children who are going to watch this right now and they will do the same for the next generation of young children and Australian football.»

Such is the power of the World Cup.

And while many of the kids who found their love of soccer by watching the 2006 tournament have ‘Cahill’ on the back of their Socceroos jerseys after their two-goal hero against Japan, it will now be Mat Leckie who claims the ‘tag’. This time the World Cup specialist who stole a nation’s heart.

While Mitchell Duke’s head shot to win the match against Tunisia was vital, Leckie’s win against Denmark was special – an absolute moment of individual brilliance at critical moments.

Describing the goal after the match, Foster was still in agreement about how he passed Kasper Schmeichel the ball, after the counter attack led by Leckie seemed to have run out of breath.

«We thought he was here waiting for someone to come in from his right and we were waiting for someone to join the photo saying ‘Come on, this is our moment,’ he came in and the defender did a pretty good job and we Foster thought, ‘Oh, that moment might be lost,’ but he came back to the left and, you know, you have to have some luck where it goes through the legs.» said.

Leckie had a great opening

Leckie’s goal came just two minutes after Tunisia took the lead against France, putting Australia in an unlikely position to not only draw with them but beat Denmark to advance.

“In the end they wanted to win the match and we saw Tunisia win the other, eight changes (made by the French team for the Tunisia match), France did not play well, they had to have it. They had it and they were able to do it in the end, it was a very valuable moment.” ‘ Foster concluded.

Meanwhile, former Danish goalkeeper Thomas Sorensen, who sat next to Foster and Bosnich and is now living in Australia after finishing his career at Melbourne City, was in shock.

«Frankly from a Danish point of view it was a huge disappointment, they underperformed but got nothing, Australia dominated after the first 20 minutes, they tried their luck, I thought Leckie’s individual genius was extraordinary and I bow down as someone who did it. » «I know how important it is to live here for Australians, for Australian football, it’s fantastic.»

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