Gorgeous rainbow-coloured, flexible film to distinguish candies

Gorgeous rainbow-coloured, flexible film to distinguish candies

A rainbow-colored, kaleidoscope-like film can distinguish between different sweet drinks and sweat samples, separating candies. Credit: American Chemical Society

Rainbows and candy can conjure up images of a particular brand of leprechaun breakfast cereal. But now, researchers DHW Nano Report a kaleidoscope-like film to distinguish between different flavors that show multiple colors when stretched by hand. When the material was evenly stretched with a simple apparatus, it strengthened the unique shifts in fluorescent intensity of 14 sugars marked with a dye, distinguishing them in drinks and sweat samples.

Sweet flavors in drinks can come from many types of sugars such as sucrose, fructose and glucose, as well as less common ones such as maltose. There are also sugars in people’s sweat that can be traced to non-invasively. blood sugar. It is difficult to tell which molecules exist based on appearance or taste alone; instead, they are often defined by complex methods and sophisticated tools. To simplify the detection process, Fengyu Li and colleagues previously photonic crystalsPolystyrene nanospheres that change color when sugary compounds are nearby, in a color-changing sensor chip that distinguishes 12 different sugars. But these sensors weren’t wearable, so Li, Chunbao Li and a new team wanted to incorporate photonic crystals into a stretchable, easy-to-carry film and see if the rainbow-colored platform could detect sugars as well.

The researchers placed closely packed, ordered rows of polystyrene nanospheres in a film of polyethyl acrylate. Initially, the gummy material looked red, but when stretched with uniform force, its color shifted through the rainbow – from red to pink to orange to yellow-green to light green and finally to dark green with a 40% stretch. And when pulled by hand, the material produced a kaleidoscope. colorsbecause different parts of the material had different forces on them.

In initial experiments, the researchers showed that stretching the film enhanced the fluorescent signals from the 14 sugars added to the dyes. These signals can then be sorted from one another. To see if the sensor could do the same with real-world examples, they created fluorescent complexes by mixing six commercially available drinks with alizarin red S-2-diphenylboronic acid 2-aminoethyl ester dye. Solutions with these complexes were then dotted onto the stretched film, and their fluorescence intensities were measured at two different wavelengths of light. And because the sugar-dye complexes of each sample produced unique signals, they were distinguishable from each other. The sensor also distinguished sweat samples from six people. Based on these results, the researchers say the stretchable, multicolored material could be incorporated into wearable devices for environmental, clinical or health monitoring. Candyor modified to detect other substances.

More information:
Xinyuan Xie et al., A Rainbow Structural Color from a Stretchable Photonic Crystal for Saccharide Identification, DHW Nano (2022). DOI: 10.1021/acsnano.2c08708

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