Brendan Fraser posa junto a sus hijos adolescentes, ¡son guapísimos!

Brendan Fraser poses with his young sons, they are gorgeous!

WhaleOne of the most anticipated movies of this year, the movie is about to be released! brendan fraser and the entire cast of the new Darren Aronofsky production Red carpet however, this time it wasn’t the actor who caught the attention, it was his children who caused a sensation due to their great charm and reminded them of their father’s youth.

Photo: AP / Evan Agostini

The film, which symbolizes Brendan Fraser’s return to the big screen, will be released on December 9, and therefore the cast of «Whale» posed alongside his current partner and two youngest children, while the 53-year-old actor was accompanied by his family.

Fraser came to the red carpet with Holden and Leland, 18 and 16 years old, respectively. The biggest absentee during the event was Griffin, 20, his eldest son, who suffers from autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and whom he mentioned recently because he is a young man with obesity as he understands it. She lives next to an overweight person like Charlie, her character in «The Whale.»

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“I have three children, my oldest son, Griffin, has special needs: he is autistic. He just turned 20, he is a big boy, 1.80 meters tall, he has huge hands and feet, a huge body. «I understand very well what it means to be close to a person living with obesity.»

The actor was accompanied by his current partner, professional make-up artist Jeanne Moore, but it was the presence of their children that drew the most attention due to the huge resemblance that existed between the teenagers and their fathers at the time. Fraser stepped into the world of Acting.

In the case of Leland, the comparisons didn’t last long, as the young man has long red hair, very similar to the one Brendan wore in the 1997 movie «George of the Jungle.» a black suit, brown shoes, and an unbuttoned shirt that gave him a carefree spin on the red carpet walk. Holden chose to wear a turtleneck sweater with a ribbed camisole over it.

Photo: AP / Evan Agostini

By contrast, Brendan looked more elegant in a navy blue suit with red stripes, black shoes, and black-rimmed glasses as he posed next to Jeanne Moore, who wore a blue dress with her hair up. Other people she posed with were the film’s director, Darren Aronofsky, and actress Sadie Sink, who played her daughter in this film.

Photo: AP / Evan Agostini

“The Whale” is a movie that tells the story of Charlie, a 600-pound literature professor who teaches his students remotely as he tries to overcome the distance between him and his young daughter. Fraser’s performance earned him a 14-minute standing ovation during the film’s screening at the Cannes Film Festival.

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