Saki - Ignoring activist who complains about sexualization in Kudasai

Saki – Ignoring activist who complains about sexualization in Kudasai

Poster of collaboration between video game for smartphones great soul and tv anime Saki Zenkoku-hen (Sakki: Nationals) was the target of criticism at JR Osaka Station kanako otsuji, former member of the House of Representatives of the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ). Although some on the Internet sympathize Otsuji, who criticizes «the promotion of female sexualization» and other forms of «gender inequality»others pointed out that the perception of anime drawings completely depends on the person.

When questioned about the facts being criticized, JR Western Communicationsgeneral advertising agency responsible for the management and promotion of posters and billboards at stations and trains, Noting that the decision was taken with care and attention, he said that several officials investigated whether there were any problems and made various revisions. The company stated that the placement of the ads actually ended on November 27, due to the expiration of the contract, and they did not intend to respond to the activist’s accusations.

Saki is a manga about high school girls competing in mahjong, and has been adapted into an animated television series and a live-action series starring her. Minami Hamabe. The posters were showcased from November 21 to 27, after the second phase of the collaboration within the video game kicked off on November 16.

JR Western Communications He received a mixed response after Otsuji’s accusations. some say he is right and the posters are offensive, while others point out that the company is not at fault.. The company has someAd Design Review Guidelines“It has been shared with relevant institutions that set the standards for sexual expression and violence, although it is not open to the public. Regarding the regulation of advertising in public places, «each rail operator should have their own regulations».

Therefore, these posters were reviewed by various members of the station staff in accordance with current guidelines. «We’ve made a few revisions to preserve the personality of the character while removing anything that might be «too descriptive» or «weird». (for some people). We went several times with the client to find a mutually acceptable compromise. Everyone has their own sense of speed. It is not possible to get the opinion of men only, we also asked our employees. In some cases, we even seek the opinion of experts or our legal advisers.».

Objective indicators such as how people perceive Saki’s anime were also used as evaluation criteria. Saki was also adapted into a live-action series and aired as an animated television series. While not all the content of the franchise’s previous projects has been verified, It has been concluded that broadcasting on terrestrial television channels is not a problem and that the study has already been seen by the public.. A company representative apologized for the confusion, saying he was sorry for causing such concern. When asked if he had anything to say to activist Otsuji, he replied: «nothing in particular».

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