PS5 ou PC, le prix du volant Thrustmaster T-GT II est en forte promotion et atteint le meilleur rapport qualité prix du marché pour Gran Turismo 7 !

PS5 or PC, the outlet du volant Thrustmaster T-GT II is in a strong promotion and has won the best fit quality award for Gran Turismo 7!

news good plan PS5 or PC, the outlet du volant Thrustmaster T-GT II is in a strong promotion and has won the best fit quality award for Gran Turismo 7!

Experts design the Thrustmaster T-GT II with strength. This dual version enhances the encore améliorer ansemble volante / motorisation / pédalier d’excellent quality. L’un des Seuls Défaut de ce joli bijou compatible PC, PS5 and PS4 est latest prix. Il vient de perdre 23% south Micromania, alors foncez. Christmas party for Gran Turismo 7 amateurs!

I found the first version of the T-GT to be successful that the stock break took a long time. The Le T-GT II is a very diverse benchmark. The official wheel of Gran Turismo 7 is officially compatible with the PS5 (in addition to the PS4 and PC version), a tout ce qu’il faut où il faut… sauf au level du prix. I started at around €750, although fans have the biggest permettre ce petit plaisir.

You will be satisfied with temps en temps promotions! That said, the stock crunch doesn’t have to end, but on top of that, the Thrustmaster T-GT II is Micromania’s biggest baisse de prix. Alors qu’on voit encore la bete à environ at Amazon €650, steering wheel + servo base + bottom bracket Thrustmaster T-GT 2 goes for €599.99 on Micromania’s official site! De quoi faire un très joli cadeau.

Buy Thrustmaster T-GT II from Micromania for €599

Thrustmaster T-GT II: award-winning steering wheel

compatibility Computer, PS4, PS5
Max. rotation 1080°
force return Oui, I motorized
motorization Brushless motor, drivetrain
pallets two
inner memories No
rotation setting via PC driver
middle belly Oui, 3 pedals
Levier de gearses does not include
flying poids 5kg
Lower Belly Poids 3kg
bond USB

Chez JVTECH, nous avons fait tersté le Thrustmaster T-GT II par notre grand spécialiste, olivierroidubocal (a name you’ll definitely know if you’re passionate about deja). You can’t rest perfectly if it can’t be the result of the products being sold for millions of Euros plus more. Final note: 4.5/5 pagesce qui est is excellent.

If you abandoned the first version of the T-GT, you can save € 599., the differences between the two models are assez minims. By contrast, if you’re looking for an upgrade of your base setup and it’s not necessarily compatible with the PS5, then again, it’s a pépite.

The T-GT II is an excellent steering wheel, three plaisant à pratiquer plays the precision card, so much for this spin that they’re a comeback of power. Thrustmaster lets you get the most out of a quivering community, the best titer for article writing. I warn him that on Sony’s machines, the manufacturer has three good contacts with different developers, and its tools are used and mastered to a large extent. In 2017, T300 faced problems with survitamin accents. He failed to enter the Creusé deux volants. GT.

A meilleurd’hui l’un des meilleurs (voire le meilleur) flies as the T-GT II gets into the walking car. The sensations you will get are excellent, the information provided is precise and the piloting au volant come au pédalier est un vrai plaisir. The Le T-GT II bundles the Thrustmaster and Thrustmaster’s peripherals and promises the possibility, by the end of the year, to acquire basic seule for an upgrade of a T300 RS or accompanying bottom bracket. In the Load Cell.

Our appreciation globally:

  • lord of power
  • Independent vibrations
  • Engine quality, steady sound and silence
  • au top finishing quality
  • I made it compatible with all parts, both with game/simulation systems (PS4, PC and PS5) and Thrustmaster peripherals.
  • All functions are easily accessible
  • Chaque touche’s dureté et la sinibilité just dosed
  • Accessibility: T-GT 2 can be used by both beginners and experts.

Buy Thrustmaster T-GT II from Micromania for €599

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