Francesca Guillen, daughter of actress Alejandro Camacho

Francesca Guillén: What happened to Alejandro Camacho’s daughter?

Francesca Guillen, daughter of actress Alejandro Camacho
Francesca Guillén was a part of youth soap operas. Photo: “Dark room”

Francesca Guillen is one TV series stars who quit acting. The translator is the daughter of the actress. Alexander Camacho and in the 90s and early 2000s, she rose to fame for her looks. youth serials Like «Pink Shoelaces», «High School Secret» and «Locura de amor».

Who are Francesca Guillén’s parents?

their parents Monica Trueba Guillenbetter known Francescaare the players Alexander Camacho Y Barbara Guillen. His mother died in December 2019 from a type of cancer called lung adenocarcinoma.

  • Alejandro and Bárbara had a love affair while they were college students in the 70s; the couple broke up after a while

The trajectory of Francesca Guillén

Francesca Guillén appeared for the first time. TV At the age of 5 she did it in the program «Let’s play and sing».

from his passing youth serials His work is remembered as follows:

  • «Pink Shoelaces» (1994)
  • “High School Confidant” (1996)
  • «Love Madness» (2000)
  • «Class 406» (2002)
  • «Rebel» (2005)

He acted in the movie movies What:

  • «Second Night» (1999)
  • «Here’s Life» (2000)
  • «Holy Pilgrims» (2004)
  • «Border Territories» (2005)
  • «Cañitas» (2005)

Guillen also attended theater plays.

Why did Francesca Guillén turn away from acting?

Despite having a solid track record on the stage, actor left his profession Due to a crisis in 2019.

In an interview he told about those days Incarceration due to COVID-19he came to open the fridge and there was nothing because his job was «barely meeting half of my basic needs.»

Guillén made these statements with the magazine TV and novelspublication that explains in detail despite clinging to actinghad to look for another option to release Economic crisis passed through

In addition, Francesca Guillén’s mother was facing a battle with cancer, so she asked to take home a situation, which she accepted, stating that she did not have the money to support her.

«I’ve been holding on to acting for 15 years because I love the profession, I like to go on stage, but it hasn’t been profitable for a long time»

counted Francesca Guillén

Francesca added that, contrary to what many think, not all actors are lucky enough to have financial stability.

“Many people think that artists live in a constant state of wealth and well-being without worry. There is nothing but reality. Only a minority have that possibility, the rest do not.”

Francesca Guillen

On that occasion, Alejandro’s daughter announced that she was entering the market for cannabinoids, a chemical designed to treat diseases such as depression, arthritis and weight loss.

He explained that the business is attractive and legal and not related to marijuana as it does not contain THC, the psychotropic element of marijuana, and therefore does not cause addiction or harm.

  • Francesca’s income was better than her acting performance

His most recent appearance was as a participant in the program. reading aloud, «Would you like me to read it to you again?» and «I read … therefore I am» from the National Institute of Fine Arts and Letters (INBAL).

Francesca Guillén has a brother named Maximiliano, the son of Alejandro Camacho and actress Rebecca Jones.

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