WhatsApp: s'envoyer des SMS à soi-meme est la nouvelle tendance du moment, et Meta l'a bien compris !

WhatsApp: s’envoyer des SMS à soi-meme est la nouvelle tendance du moment, et Meta l’a bien compris !

News Joint Venture Technology WhatsApp: s’envoyer des SMS à soi-meme est la nouvelle tendance du moment, et Meta l’a bien compris !

If SMS’s are coming in at 30 every day, certain contacts are months out of use. Et cela inspires certain messaging platforms, WhatsApp en tête.

Thirty years after sending the story’s first SMS, nothing has happened that could underpin the instant democratization of messaging. Certain services like WhatsApp at the modernizer’s initiative: After all, this platform appearing on Meta needs to dispose of a portable phone number for functions. Convergence with pleasure, as part of the SMS tradition, is about the beauty of usage areas.Here are some of the names of the functions in the business card.

SMS cancelled? Pas pour tout le monde. Specific beneficiaries in the breast Change the use of initials, be the messenger of messages… à eux-mêmes ! SMS is likewise like a thought system that allows you to easily take notes accessible from a smartphone without having to use a specific app.

WhatsApp is navigating in the mode of the message it sent me

face this trend, Recommended message naming apps is a function feature that allows messages to be sent automatically. What are the apps using SMS or others, the important thing is that the offer is surtout. A clear interface and adapt to the situation.

WhatsApp à s’y is the last application in the history of mettre. meta service, Currently a polemique coeur d’une with a rude staff of staffYou can respond at the highest level by continuing to deploy ne se laisse pass abattre and de nouveautés.

This new function allows the user to send messages easily. especially, Please use WhatsApp, your name will appear in your contact list : The application states that you allow (surprise) and a channel dediédié to communicate. This new feature called «Message Yourself» has been tested by WhatsApp for several weeks, and by hand, it is a savings for the community. These are the best courses anywhere in the world.

Set similar functionality in other apps

WhatsApp single mode browsingThe biggest flaw of the meta platform is that it is the slowest for you. One of its main simulants, Signal, performs a similar function called «Note to Self» after a good moment of déjà. community platform loose You have a space called «Note One Thing» to be the ambassador of special notes. A shore-like proposition on Retrouve Microsoft teams. How much Telegramoffers the user to save important messages via the slightly different option « Saved Messages », but this can be used to calculate the amount of messages you can circulate in the form of a plate. Finally, on the other hand, I guess conflict I also suggest, because it is possible to create a group discussion with a person who is not very attentive: calmly send a message.

Somehow pour notes in message apps and choose a good one, these services are full, parfois, most useful in certain situations, démarche se révèle être de se parler à soi-même !

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