Activision Blizzard outperforms Microsoft

Activision Blizzard outperforms Microsoft

  • Activision Blizzard hits $95 per transaction from Microsoft
  • Acquisition is an object deemed appropriate in minutes of review by the authorities of the European Union and the United States.
  • As such, Activision is the strongest croissant, video titers come and go between levels.

The flickering investors of Activision Blizzard (NASDAQ:) are frustrating in everyday life. The trend at home is Microsoft’s (NASDAQ 🙂 après que l’annee après qui s’est amorcée au de qui s’est amorcée à la house quis, annoncé le rachat de l’éditeur de jeux dans le cadre d’une finder entièrement en éraison, s’essouffle en raison Information automatically stops automatic adjustments to block operation.

An indication of this uncertainty is the croissant card between Activision’s current award and Microsoft’s croissant card in its offer of $95 per transaction, again under the name of merger arbitration. At $73.51, Activision Blizzard action offers 23% off, nettement superior aux 8% – January 18, the date the operation was announced.

ATVI (Blue), MSFT (Purple) Daily Chart

L’arbitrage de fusion s’est amplificé ces deniers jours, lorsque des rapports ont révélé les États-Unis et l’Europe allaient Examiner de près l’opération is the largest acquisition ever made by technology giant Microsoft. an environment is 69 billion dollars.

political A report by the Federal Trade Commission is apt to publicly disclose Microsoft’s largest antitrust claim, which has the motive to combine video marching with its loyalty, an advantage. The two companies completed the operation in the first half of 2023.

Activision owns certain franchises from the most popular games of Call of Duty and World of Warcraft, assists the software developer on console Xbox, and continues the marches in the game expansion pack to mobiles and metadata.

Selon Politico, Sony (TYO:) Interactive Entertainment (NYSE:) appears as its main competitor according to the deal, declaring that according to the FTC and other regulators Microsoft is responsible for the success of Call of Duty specific to their platform, Sony will be quite at a disadvantage .

The oversight body of the European Union agreement in Europe will enable an investigation suitable for a decisive agreement in the first start of Europe and fill the nuire with the agreement in the jeux video section.

40% chance

For investors, this poses an interesting risk-reward proposition. Activision action may be at risk if the deal is not approved by regulatory authorities. However, if the operation is approved, they can show a significant performance based on the current course of ATVI.

Aaron Glick, merger arbitration specialist at Cowen & Co, explained in a Bloomberg report that based on the hypothesis that the action was à Négocierait à $60 in cas d’échec, the chance of the operation being reused was rated at about 40%. .

There is no way Activision will act as in the houses, as it was difficult before the previous tour to get Activision’s actions to work as a cause of uncertainty. Society is the strongest croissant and final act to dance a long-term portefeuille, même sur une une base autonomous.

Thanks to the immense popularity of jeuxes like Candy Crush and Diablo Immortal, Activision’s mobile platform booking networks grew 20% in the quarter to match past years.

In others, the quarter in course d’Activision is full of new genres, not the latest Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II. This represents a successful retentissant connu, dropping billions of dollars in the air in the first two seasons, so quickly pick up the beat and all of the successful franchises.

Activision’s dominant position in the world of video games was ranked in the «achat» category by 26 analysts surveyed by The Leur de Cours Consensuel Target is 12 months with a 25% home potential.

ATVI Consensus Estimates

Source :

Having successfully passed through Activision Blizzard, Morgan Stanley has declared that it will not provide risky/compensatory compliance in this transaction. Added note:

“It is difficult to assess the likelihood that the MSFT proposed acquisition will receive regulatory approvals, we consider the risk/reward to be valid on a fully autonomous basis… $95 en spèces par. action, si et cuand l’operation MSFT se conclut.”

MKM also upgraded Activision from neutral to acheter, unlike the current action award, which does not reflect the core improvements of its operations and their strong croissant potentials in 2023.

Conclusion : Faut-il acheter l’action Activision Blizzard ?

Activision will not take any significant steps if it is an acquisition project by MSFT and not approved by regulatory authorities. Franchise de jeux is a sufficient force for production that will facilitate the work of investors with an autonomous base.

advertising: The editorial moment of this article is the author of Microsoft actions. The opinions expressed in this article are solely the author’s cells and do not take into account investment advice.

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