Death Triangle (c) vs. The Elite

AEW Dynamite: Results 30 November 2022

TBS Episode 165 will air tonight. AEW Dynamite Live from the Indiana Farmer’s Coliseum in Indianapolis, Indiana. You can find out and participate in everything that is going on through the box just below this paragraph.

AEW Dynamite Summary:

Jon Moxley opened with the introduction. He stated that it was inevitable, as if it were taxes or death himself. And he added that there was no one on his level in the dressing rooms. Man «The Executioner» Page He stepped onto the stage and met Mox, who asked him if he was sure and reminded him of the last time they met. They both went hand in hand and had to be separated by the referees and security.

Bryan Danielson defeated Dax Harwood (with Cash Wheeler). By submitting after applying LeBell Lock.

backstage, Ricky Starks He announced that he will join the Battle Royal next week and stated that he will take everything from MJF.

Wheeler Yuta and Daniel Garcia agreed to meet at ROH Final Battle for ROH Pure Championshipafter challenger Garcia insisted that the fight be fought.

Samoa Joe defeated AR Fox. Count to three after resisting 450 Splash and applying Muscle Buster. After the match, Joe declared himself the «King of Television» and guard He interrupted Joe to warn him that he was going for the lost title.

AEW World Champion MJFrevealed the new design of her belt with the colors of her scarf. He also added that he would defend the title until the «Biding War» in January 2024, and even mocked AEW by claiming he was going to Hollywood (WrestleMania site) to quit wrestling. At the end of the segment, MJF complimented William Regal but when he got behind him, he hit him on the neck with his glove.

Ricky Starks defeated Ari Daivari. Count to three after tying the Rochambeau. before the fight EthanPage came to the stage but Matt Hardy He tried to steal the limelight. Page challenged him and announced that they would both be in Battle Royal, but «The All Ego» asked Hardy to help him win because it belonged to him.

Willow Nightingale defeated Anna Jay (with Tay Melo). Count to three after attaching a Doctor Grenade. Ruby Soho He appeared and attacked Melo directly before the target could attach to him.

Jade He began his celebration by claiming that he was the biggest star in AEW, that they only saw the company for him. As the creator of The Baddies, he will build and break the team at will, as he is the creator of the runs and owes his life to him. Rapper Bow Wow took the stage and told her he’d have a surprise for her soon.

billy gunnas if he were a sergeant, he snapped acclaimed Why they didn’t have rivals or matches in Dynamite, Max Caster and Anthony Bowens claimed no one hated them, hence why. The team announced that they will appear on AEW Rampage.

The Elite (Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks) defeated Death Triangle (PAC and The Lucha Brothers) Up to three after blocking a Black Arrow by Matt Jackson and applying Roll-Up to the PAC. The Series Seven was 2 to 1 in favor of the Death Triangle.


Elite beat Triangle of Death

Elite beat Triangle of Death


The Triangle of Death controls the equation and applies the Fear Factor to one of the Jacksons. The PAC shoots and protects but can’t take the win. It also survives Brainbuster and hit. Matt puts his knees in front of the PAC finisher and takes the third game win with Roll Up.


Avalanche Falcon Arrow from PAC to Omega after surviving blows in the corner, but the count does not follow and splits in half.


Elite members bring their badly defeated opponents into the ring, but manage to start the fight with certainty. Penta and Rey Fenix ​​awaken and attack their opponents by jumping. Penta takes a hammer, but her brother takes it from her. Due to the distraction of the fight, Fenix ​​places a V-Trigger and Omega attaches a Suplex to Penta. V-Trigger to Penta but calculation not successful.


The Jackson brothers attack the Mexican brothers on the ramp but are unable to take control of the fight and get a Cutter on the ramp, while the PAC and Omega join the fight at the top of the ramp.


The Elite (Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks) vs. Triangle of Death (PAC and The Lucha Brothers) (c)

The Elite (Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks) vs.  Triangle of Death (PAC and The Lucha Brothers) (c)


Rapper Bow Wow appears on the big screen and tells Cargill not to claim victory so soon as he has an unexpected arrival tonight.


Cargill confirms that this is bad, that it’s up to them to decide who leaves and who stays. This ended the games and brought seriousness to everyone. He turns to his colleagues and says that he created them, that they respect that. Nobody at AEW is more than him.


Time to celebrate the champion!

Time to celebrate the champion!



Soho arrives in the arena and attacks Tay Melo first near the ring, then on the ramp where he lays after he strikes.


Willow Nightingale defeats Anna Jay.

Willow Nightingale defeats Anna Jay.


Jay searches for the Queen Slayer, but Willow throws him with a back Slam, then ties a series of elbows. Jay practices a useless Roll Up and eats a ruthless Lariat. Nightingale’s Doctor Bomb and the triumph of the count to three.


Nightingale has good control of Jay hitting corners, but manages to dodge the attack with a Neck Breaker. Now Jay uses the ropes to strangle him and immobilize him.


Anna Jay (with Taylor Melo) vs. willow warbler

Anna Jay (with Taylor Melo) vs.  willow warbler


Ricky Starks defeated Ari Daivari.


Ethan Page dived before the match to remind him that he was going to kick his ass in Battle Royal and that Matt Hardy would help him. Starks finishes the Daivari in seconds with a few moves and the Spear on a count of three.


Ricky Starks vs. Ari Daivari


MJF compliments Regal on his going and before telling him what he wants, he hits him with the glove around his neck and lays him on the ground for withdrawal from the arena. Danielson arrives with paramedics to check on Regal, and the Englishman is taken away on a stretcher.


He now makes different references to WWE and his contract expiration in January 2024, asking Regal if he had seen him at another company by that date. He continues to address the public who can see and feel his resentment because they are cowardly and weak. He states that he makes the best stars and legends look like simple garbage, leaving everyone in the shadows and confirming that the MJF Era has begun.


MJF affirms that it is the best championship in the world not only because of its design, but also because of wearing it. He assures that none of the people he will face in Battle Royal will be on his level and become champions, like Eddie Kingston and Ricky Starks, whom he calls «fake stars» and «Fake Fighters» like Bryan Danielson. He doesn’t want to offend them, but Danielson next to him is a paper bag.


After the break, William Regal comes to the ring. There’s a piece of art in the ring and Regal takes a microphone. AEW World Champion Maxwell Jacon Friedman. MJF expresses that he understands that everyone is jealous of having the microphone on the best wrestler. People make fun of him. He continues to read an e-mail that Regal sent him in which he states that he sees his potential to be a great villain, but that the title on his waist prevents him from continuing to use the Diamond Ring, no matter how bad it is. he couldn’t have her anymore, which would have left him empty. He continues to talk about the Company he respects. When he becomes the champion, he promised to improve the title, he will show his greatness not only with words, but also with actions, so he will leave the version behind.





Wardlow appears on the giant screen and reassures him not to claim victory so quickly as he is in Wardlow World and can’t have a good time.


Samoa Joe defends TNT Championship against AR Fox


Fox uses a distraction to hit and connect a Five Star Frog Leap, but Joe frees himself from the count and destroys it until he applies Muscle Buster to count to three.


Samoa Joe totally dominates the fight without even letting Fox stand up as he works his body too hard on the canvas and has strong lashes against him.


AR Fox vs. Wardlow(c)

Samoa Joe poses only with the ROH World TV Championship, while jeopardizing the TNT Championship against AR Fox.


Jake Hager mocks Claudio Castognoli as a sports entertainer and throws a beret at him. Castagnoli gets bored with his taunts and leaves. Wheeler Yuta requests a fight from Daniel Garcia in ROH Final Battle and accepts a pure champion.


After a ringside argument, Hangman Page and Moxley continue their attack behind the scenes and crash into the elements until they are separated again by security.


Ricky Starks assures that he will emerge victorious from next week’s Battle Royal, taking the world title from MJF and showing everyone what it’s made of.


Bryan Danielson defeated Dax Harwood.

Bryan Danielson defeated Dax Harwood.


Dax’s Sling Grenade, but Bryan is dropping the bill. Harwood’s Boston Leg Crab. Danielson breaks the switch and blocks the sniper, and then shoots a series of pins between them until Danielson implements the LeBell Lock and wins by giving up.


Bryan is cornered, but Dax jumps on Danielson and falls to the ground to cover. Danielson returns him and is left to protect Harwood, although it all ends with nothing.


Harwood beats Bryan on the suplex point, but Danielson resists every blow. Piledriver and Bryan were rescued just in time from Dax.


Danielson starts the fight better, but Dax delivers some precise blows to the chest and continues to dominate the fight. Bryan counters with more chops and locks Harwood.


Dax Harwood (with Cash Wheeler) vs. Bryan Danielson

Dax Harwood (with Cash Wheeler) vs.  Bryan Danielson


Cowboy shit!

ADam Page arrives at the arena and comes face to face with Moxley in the middle of the ring. Mox glares at him if he’s sure he’ll stand up to him after the last time. He asks if he remembers, but Page punches him in the face. Both go to hands at ringside and are separated by the referees and security.


Moxley assures that there is no one who can fight him, defeat him, or bleed him. No one deserves to be in the ring with him, even though he calls everyone in the locker room.



The former AEW World Champion arrives at the Indiana arena for the debut of AEW Dynamite.


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