This is how City Club employees portray buyers for Good End

This is how City Club employees portray buyers for Good End

  • Shoppers are going crazy with Good End discounts so they can express their spirit in the pre-Christmas season.

  • The video was recorded and shared by City Club staff in Monterrey, in the state of Nuevo León.

  • This year’s Good End expects to leave an economic spill of over 190 billion pesos.

At A City Club, the organization’s employees recorded a video expressing the spirit of what Good End means to many buyers.

El Buen Fin represents one of the most important commercial events for Mexico, integrating more than 90,000 brands into its catalog and leaving more than 190 billion pesos in economic benefits. It also represents one of the last opportunities for consumers to get Christmas products at an affordable price.

This is how City Club employees portray buyers for Good End

For several years, social networks have become witnesses of what is happening in the world. This, of course, includes witnessing what happens at major events, as with travel blogs. This of course includes commercial events such as Buen Fin.

Via your TikTok account, a user shared how the chains experience as they open up spaces for consumers to purchase new promotions during year-end sales. In this video, the chain’s employees can be seen before they start their Good End sales. But slowly, the doors are opening and buyers are starting to enter.

The fact that one of the most optimistic buyers is shown running at a different pace, much faster than the others, with the caption “Wait till the end” shows how serious these consumers are about selling and promoting the product.

In the video, the laughter of the workers who are excited to welcome the customers can be heard. According to the video, the City Club branch apparently corresponds to a branch located in Lincoln de Monterrey.

This is the video shared by user Brandon:

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Relevance of Good Ending

The Good End has become one of the most important commercial events in recent years. In it, brands and companies of all kinds take advantage of the momentum created by distribution and promotion to recover and/or expand their profits during the year-end phase. Likewise, it has a tradition of over 10 years and has since managed to recruit from various firms to promote trade through offers, discounts and loans.

to be an equivalent reference to some other event, such as Black Friday or Big salehas left a very high economic income in recent years. In last year’s edition, snow 190 billion pesos. However, this was achieved for a period of 7 days. As far as 2020 is concerned, this was the most productive year for the event as it represented Mexicans’ first entry into digital commerce, largely due to the limitations of the Covid-19 pandemic. The official figure shared by the event was 239 billion pesos.

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