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Comment on optimized charging on your smartphone and comment on disabling it

Recharging a smartphone battery is aujourd’hui très intelligente. Pour ceci preservative sa durée de vie. This function can be disabled.

The charging method of smartphones has not changed: charge the device charging sector and 100% of what is possible; battery. Mois après quelques meure ne Devreez pas, n’est-ce pas ? Cela devrait arrives at moins désormais.

This is the most important comment on how recharging is optimized on your smartphone since you are connected to the industry. To disable annotation when needed.


After iOS 13, iPhone will have access to this function that «learns your daily charging habits to prolong your battery’s life». It is also supported not to use your smartphone during the day, to know when you have fast charge and when you have the weather advantage.

This function is enabled by default and you can see an on-screen notification for active charging optimization.

Direction les Reglages, puis Batterie and Santé de la battery and Recharge to voir la capacité de battery. Allow remaining capacity to accommodate new battery capacity. C’est le chiffre que la the chiffre que la recharge optimisée doit garder aussi élevé que posible le plus longtemps possible, les batteries Lithium ion degrades over time, this is no small matter.

Sur le même écran, you can disable it Optimized battery chargingIn addition to the tradition of charging your device, reinstate it to dive into a compartment. If you disable this function, the operating system may request that you disable the entire temperature or temperature.

Note: Reinstall is optimized on iOS using localization, the service does not enable it for everything to work properly. iPhone is a device with iPhone at its best, optimized charging is not possible because iOS cannot improve its charging habits.


for smartphones Androidcela, as always, depends on the manufacturer and model of your clothing: optimal charging is not a function that is found in all your clothes, it is possible to find it in the parameters or whether you do a web search. there is droit.

For the rough version of Android, celle sur les google pixelYou have the right to adaptive charging. Google Explain that “aide à préserver la durée de la pilie sur le long terme” works on iPhone. Lorsque Android thought you were using the charger strap for long-term devices, manual speed-up operations.

There is already a certain scenario where adaptive charging comes into play: If you have an alarm between 3am and 10am and you leave your smartphone between 9pm and 4am, adaptive charging will be active.

An idea you can’t use to put your phone to sleep, you can temporarily freeze the charge and charge an entire smartphone charge in real time. If you have a few minutes waiting for your device to charge in addition to charging, actively recharge it.

When you want to recharge as fast as possible, you can disable compatible charging in all Parameters, select Battery, Adaptive Preferences and Adaptive Charging.

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