The power begins to howl in the Latin dub of Chainsaw Man — Kudasai

The power begins to howl in the Latin dub of Chainsaw Man — Kudasai

The debate over whether or not dubbing into Latin Spanish has outstripped other dubbing is the daily bread on social networks. Sometimes it’s true but sometimes it isn’t. The dubbing industry has come out of a difficult process due to the COVID-19 dubbing projects seem to be on the rise when it comes to quality.

But in this case, we’re not here to cover the news about the state of the dubbing industry, we’re here to report more on a dubbing into Latin Spanish that went so viral and even reached an international audience. This anime adaptation Saw ManWhat else can be? It was expected that everything about the series, which was one of the most popular and almost the most anticipated series of the season, would suddenly become a trend.

That’s what happened when the third episode, dubbed into Latin Spanish, arrived. Saw Man recently released via the platform crispy roll. In the scene where Denji and Power discuss the importance of saving a cat, Power offers Denji to help him in exchange for allowing it to be groped by him. This completely changes Denji’s speech, when he finally gets the inspiration he needs to offer Power his help.

The scene is intended to be a comedy instrument, but it was too uncomfortable to listen to in the Latin Spanish dubbing. In the original scene, when Power notices the change in Denji’s demeanor, he uses expressions of surprise between each sentence, something that can be seen directly in the tone of his sentences.

But in the Latin-Spanish dubbing, no one knows what he’s thinking. erika langaricavoiced Power in dubbing, Tried to imitate the same sigh of surprise from the Japanese, without success. In its place, The scene turns into a word exchange with Power moaning sexually in the background.. However, it should be noted that this is not the problem of the player, but the problem of the person reviewing his work. Do you think we’re exaggerating? Why not look at the final result without headphones and loudly? After all, you don’t trust Latin dubbing?

By the way, before the comment «this fandub“. No, you can go to the platform and check the section by putting it in Latin in Spanish. Maybe things would have been different if the actor had groaned with “.Article!» instead of «Article!“.

Sure enough, the snippet hit social media and began to inspire countless comments:

  • «Why is he moaning?».
  • «Power’s voice actor mixed up the scenes».
  • «Close your eyes and try not to laugh at this.».
  • «Another dubbing that we don’t even understand how it was approved.».
  • «I love Denji’s voice but Power’s never ceases to disappoint».
  • «As a Spanish speaker I think it could be worse».
  • «Looks like the dubbing guys know this anime is for virgins. Doesn’t hurt the player’s fan service a bit».
  • «How did the production hear about it and approve?».

Summary of Chainsaw Man

The story takes place in a world where demons threaten people’s peace, making them targets that must be destroyed. Denji is a depressed young man who has sold several of his organs and works as a lumberjack and demon hunter to pay off his late father’s debt. Denji has a dog (also a demon) named Pochita who has chainsaws and uses them to do his job.

This is explained by the fact that humans can make contracts with demons. After returning home from a job, Denji is summoned by a Yakuza to infiltrate a building and kill another demon. However, the plan was a trap to assassinate him as part of the Yakuza contract with the demon and give them more power. However, Pochita comes to Denji’s aid and bonds with him, becomes half-human, half-demon, and takes Pochita’s chainsaws.

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