Black Friday: pCloud free licenses - 85% 📍

Black Friday: pCloud free licenses – 85% 📍

Founded in 2013, pCloud has made a relatively recent march to stockpile as they debuted. Therefore, le service aura que end stocking is the most innovative, invaluable and optimal solution, for staff and staff benefiting from professionals.

pCloud is a storage service for cars in multiple situations: it’s affordable, eliminates a dedicated multimedia reader, and offers solid organization for your files. They can’t compete with Google Drive and OneDrive in terms of document creation and collaboration, which could be the main privacy mat.

On the occasion of Black Friday (from November 21 to November 27, to be exact), Subscriptions to perpetual pCloud license recommended – 85%. A competing cloud environment for an accessible price.

An ideal cloud to manage your diverse environments

Plus d’être is an excellent ligne stock quad (also known as iCloud Drive or Dropbox’s name, type of service), it has the functions of pCloud multimedia utilities, it’s definitely the number one choice. The best stock cloud for music, pictures and videos.

pCloud uses useful functions, for example, discarding a music reader equipped with names. pCloud integrated music reader available on the Web and in the smartphone app. Plus, you can lire your music files, create music and artists or lesson lists. You can mix channels and albums together, or shuffle conference lists with a curl, stream pCloud’s music on March Meilleurs.

You can easily download the music on your phone and easily download it from the computer. You can view the remaining three apps and other videos via the Web interface or in the pCloud mobile apps.

If you stock your multimedia collection with pCloud, you might be interested in integration with the famous multimedia reader Kodi. An unofficial addon module for Kodi allows you to stream directly from your pCloud collection, so there are some of the best stocks in the dark for Kodi publishers.

You can also download and export your converted files with one option here – exceed the maximum file size of 50 Go from Dropbox with no file size limit (from Dropbox to 2 for pc) – contribute to pCloud le meilleur cloud stockage pour la find video.

pCloud benefits

In addition to an excellent multimedia management tool, pCloud outperforms other forces as it is available on all platforms and includes Windows, Mac, Linux and the same mobile systems as Android and iOS. Thanks to pCloud’s automatic sync functionality, all your files will effortlessly be there every day.

pCloud Drive is an office application developed by its users to facilitate the synchronization process. Through a virtual additional teacher, you increase the storage capacity in the order of selection. The main feature of pCloud Drive is that it does not take up any space (unless you mark the file or files specified for online use).

This is ideal for increasing your storage capacity, which you can use to increase your productivity. You can enjoy your files directly from the virtual reader, stocker, modifier, etc. you can share. All options available in the web browser are equally accessible from the office client, don’t see a macOS app.

There are no strict limits on file transfer speeds. These are completely dependent on the Internet and your voting places to connect with servers and proxies. The app also allows you to automatically recharge screenshots in the cloud; this is ideal for sharing them quickly. pCloud does not provide unlimited access to the queue of files.

Note that pCloud saves your files for 30 days for payers and 15 days for free rates, practice in case of unintentional blocking.

The data centers used in pCloud are selected after an appropriate assessment of the risks that prove quality and reliability. Plus d’une protection côté server, pCloud protects your files with AES 256 bit pendant and après le for a pass in transfer. To guarantee the security of your files, pCloud outside uses TLS/SSL protocol, apply the information transferred from your application to pCloud servers.

Une bids Black Friday unbeatable

From 21 to 27 November, individual subscriptions with perpetual licenses of 500 Go, 2 To and 10 To (» à vie ») are available at only 85% discount.

  • 500 Go Premium Lifetime – 75% discount: €139 (original price 570€)
  • 2 to Premium Plus Lifetime – 75% discount: €279 (original price 1.140 €)
  • 10 – Personalized Lifetime – 85% discount: €890 (original price 6,000€)

PayPal payment is accepted. In addition, you have a 10-day satisfaction or money-back guarantee.

👉 No Dropbox and I’m here for pCloud Lifetime migrations!

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